Linkin Park Forum Clean-Up Crew

I’ve had this idea for a while, but since we’ve just moved to a new platform, now seems like the best time to do this.

I think the forum needs a bit of a clean-up. Not in the sense that things need to be deleted, just putting topics in the correct categories and possibly merging similar topics and closing topics that asked a question that has already been answered. Since some categories didn’t exist when a lot of the forum’s topics were made, specifically Game Center, and a lot of new topics are put in #uncategorized on accident. I don’t really see needing to change the names of topics unless absolutely necessary.

While @derek and I are really the only active moderators, anyone with the Regular badge has the ability to move or rename topics, and even those who aren’t a moderator or a regular can still help by making suggestions in this topic.

While moderators can see everything that is modified by a user, I do ask that if you are a regular and are helping out by using the options given to you, please post in this topic when you do make changes just so it can be known what was changed and why.

One thing to note if you do want to help out, keep #ms strictly related to his Post Traumatic work, and keep other projects he has done in #side-and-solo-projects


Alright- great idea Jordan- soldier Walker on duty :+1:t2:


I am free rn… so will figure out some suggestions. This is prolly not what you are finding to help but i couldn’t understand much sorry for that :slight_smile:
Tagging just to inform @jFar920 or @derek
I will continue this tmro so i will edit the same post…

**Game Centre**

Song you don't' like?

If you wanted to time travel?


to move to this topic and close

What kind of comic character would you be?

Rock vs Pop artists

Battle of the Songs: Reanimation Final Elimination Match

Linkin park fans and old fans or people who used to be "fans"

My tribute to Chester - #2 by jessiee76

Taking The Path - an EP by NickGr - #33 by Honey8

**Back room**

Let's all be true about this

How are you today? - #27 by ance7

**LPU events / LP live** These two are kinda similar and seem a bit confusing to me. Some are about tickets and tours.. So i put them together you'll have to sort out oki?

These are to move in this category and close because they are about years ago. No need of them anymore+ concerts or meet&greets are already over. Actually all have no point to stay active but still these are surely to be closed

**The underground** ( i aint sure about all tho but there are some doubts about the website too)

These are to move in this category and close

Please Help Membership

**we love you chester**

There are some personalised threads like these ones, people sharing their stories. Will they all go in Back room?

These following topics got few posts. It could have been merged with some other thread before. But what to do now idk… :arrow_down:

And when new people come in or join again and make their thread

I guess this one needs rename? :arrow_down:

Some extremely confusing one! This seriously went over my head! I don't know where they should go

The ones which are no longer used i guess, or have very few posts like 3-4. Simply not active anymore and no chances that someone will open these threads

I keep the following 3 topics here because the links ain’t working. These are the projects of some people. You can check it :arrow_down:

Simply to be closed in my opinion

To Merge





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  • May 23, 10:30 am (IST)

Apparently you linked one of my topics or posts in this list somewhere but I can’t find it :sweat_smile:

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There are soo many :blush: it will be hard to find hehe. I’ll see if i can find yours.

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Remember make your post a wiki.

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Ah what ? I didn’t get it please explain :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: what wiki?.

I’ve glanced through your post and it is super helpful. I moved a few topics but I’m a bit tired and finding it hard to focus at the moment, so I will continue later. Thank you for your help @Honey8


Sure, rest well, Do it when you are free :blush:
I will complete this in a day or two

I got 2 qs @jFar920

  • You wanted the topics of #uncategorized only or all categories?
  • I summarised here till sept 2016 ( of c uncategorized ones) is that enough or you are planning to clean up more past threads?

Where did you put the Rammstein thread under? I can’t find it

Um …what was it about? :sweat_smile:

Edit : nah I didn’t put thay thread anywhere i guess. It was created in 2011 I didn’t go that back. If it’s active thread the definitely not added here

As long as i can access the battle of the songs topics

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They are all to be shifted in barracks @acemasters

Dividers → Post tools → See pics.

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I get it. I tried to organize the best I’ll see what i can do. Thank you :hugs:

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Maybe you should put a hold on all new people so when they join they don’t make a new post on the spot. And give them a list of threads already made.


Any topics that are moved are still visible by everyone unless a moderator moves them to the staff category, and there’s no reason to do that.

@intheend It’d be nice to limit that but someone higher up would have to do that. As far as I know moderators can’t control that. We do get notified if someone posts too quickly after making an account though


I’m sorry I haven’t made much (or any) progress on this in the last week or so. Had some stuff come up and I’ve been busier than anticipated. I’ll get to it as soon as I can

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Take you time buddy its all for you, just the least i could do to help in mod work :blush: