What to watch for the fan of LP in Prague?

Hi! I’m going to a concert in Prague from St. Petersburg (Russia). I would be grateful if you tell me what places in Prague should visit a fan of LP?:smile:


Hey :hugs:
I don’t know what exactly do you want to see but you should definitely visit the Charles’ Bridge (Karlův most) - it’s where Numb music video was shot… There’s also a lot of beautiful places but I don’t know anything else related to LP :thinking:

And also - see you at the show :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: Prague seems a beautiful city, can’t wait to explore it! I am also going to the show from Hungary.

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Thank you! Be sure to go) Still wanted to know what area shot the clip “From The inside”, but I can not find the exact address on the Internet. Maybe you know?)

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I’m not from Prague and I don’t know it there very well but I found that it was shot somewhere around Loreta (Loretánské náměstí - Loreta square)… Hope it’s helpful :hugs:

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Thank you! I will be in Prague for a week and will definitely go for a walk in this square :hugs:

You’re welcome :hugs: and enjoy! :grin:
I’m curious - do you plan to visit other places in the Czech Republic or just Prague?

I am also rooting for Prague and would love to witness them this year. I have been a fan for a very long time and this would be the first time, I’d see them in real instead of watching the videos on YouTube.

This time, no, maybe another time :sweat_smile:
This week I will try to enjoy the beauty and architecture of Prague :smile: but to be honest, I’m just starting to discover traveling to other countries and it’s a little scary)) Cool, but scary:sweat_smile:
And you are from what city?)

Wow! Where are you from?))

I live in Moravia, it’s more like east side of ČR… The closest city to me is Ostrava :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: