Restock LPU CD's

Hey everyone, so I wanted to ask if there could be any possibility that some of the LPU CD’s will be sold again at the shop.
Some Items that were already sold out are now available again maybe they will restock some of the physical LPU CD’ too?


There are 6 LPU physical CD’s availble on the store at the moment. I doubt they will make any more but maybe they have a few left around they will sell some day…who knows that this point!? Guess we must keep waiting :frowning: I need my LPU 12 and 13 <3


Im pretty sure they already restock some CD s

I hope we will get some of them again

I hope they do as well. I’m short 12, 13, and 16. I know there are many LPUers that would like some of the older cds. They have released the older ones in the past.

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