Does anyone else wish they'd do at least one more Summit?

I never made it a priority to go to a Summit. Now he’s gone. Does anyone else think it’s be great if they did at least one more?

I’d go no matter when or where.


I wish they did an live on Instagram and just talked to us . It would be so nice to chester and milketalking and play around.

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It will be amazing if they do around the world trip… something like a show on every country… I feel that they needed us, I just wanted to say to them that I’m here for them! :heart:


I’d be happy if they’d go back on tour at all… I’m so afraid that I’ll never get to see them live again, it’s driving me crazy…

I do think they need us as much as we need them, but who knows?

Of course a summit would be amazing! It just seems so far away right now.


Anything they get out and do would be great. I would be happy with anything. I feel like they will go on after some time. I felt it at the concert as the night went on. You could just see the joy performing brought them. That was the best part of it all.


You’re right and I think so too. You could see that it makes them happy, I mean… Mike even said that he’s having fun and that he think’s that is what Chester would want. I definitely agree with him. And I guess Chester would want them to continue.


I believe Chester would want them to continue also. I think they know that. I also think Mike doesn’t give his own vocals enough credit. They just need some time to heal. But I think it got their blood pumping as much as it did ours.


I hope you’re right!

And yeah, I think Mike’s vocals were great! He might not be able to scream, but he can definitely sing a lot of Chesters parts.
Plus they really tried out every option possible… letting the crowd sing, getting guest singers, playing a clip of Chester and his vocals…
They can do it. We just have to hope that they want to do it.


I hope so too!! I think we all do! No matter what we will all support them.


It would be really hard touring without Chester. I think they’d need to make a new record with Mike on vocals (maybe under a different name?) and just tour as that project and play some LP hits at the concerts. I’m sure they won’t just quit music, seeing how much fun they had at the memorial concert


I really wish the band continues. I would love to hear the rest from “Looking For An Answer”.


I hope they continue as is because they are great still… But ya for a lot of songs to be done live they would need guest vocals to help out… No disrespect to Mike at all :heart::heart:

I truly hope that they will Continue and start Touring I would love to see them live for the first time. And mike have an amazing voice too. He knows that he can make chester pould off hem. Chester has told hem that in some off the songs thay made together. Chester said not to use his Vocals to use his.