Linkin park fans and old fans or people who used to be "fans"

People who hate new LP songs are like :
I can’t love this anymore
they sing new things never sung before
all new songs , they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I say the more you’ll sing
But you’ll find that out anyway
Just like midnight

Everything you sing to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to break
I need some screams to feel
'Cause you one step closer to the pop
And I’m about to break

I find thrash songs that aren’t so clear
Wish they could find a way to disappear
All new songs they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
No one seems to scream for me
Over and over again
Just like midnight

Then Linkin Park will be like
Shut up when I’m talking to you
Shut up, shut up, shut up
Shut up when I’m singing to you
Shut up, shut up, shut up
Shut up, you are about to break!

If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader. Go sell ice cream


this is perfectly made.

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thank you :slight_smile:

Yeap. Everything into one song. PERFECT!

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thank you friend :smiley:

Anytime! Welcome to the family! (song puns wow…)

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Thank You :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good one,though they do have screams in the new songs,So there’s that.
But good nonetheless.

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I sung it :joy::joy: we should record it or something :smirk:

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I sang in the rhythm hahahahah


yeh but people who says lp is trash say thouse thing’s I just read there comments and wrote this :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :stuck_out_tongue: you can record it of you wnt to :stuck_out_tongue: cus I dont have things

woow lol :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

That was really awesome and I love the lyrics. Well said my friend well said. It was funny as well. :blush::grinning:

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thank you my friend

No problem my friend.

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hey that was amazing…i loved the lyrics :grinning:

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thank you very much

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I like the new album. Mike told in an inteview once that they’ll change, and gets older. So do I. Im not the same person now as I was when HT and Meteora came. I get older, and change too.

And I like every song they have made so far. Even if I think they never make a better album then HT.

now its :cry:

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