Hi LPU er's I'm new


Hi LPU er’s!
I’ve got this account for a long time, but I have never used it so I can say that I’m new to LPU. I don’t have much friends who like LP as I do and I would love to meet new people but I’m shy. So basicly I just wanted say hi :slight_smile:. Also sorry for my bad englisch but I’m still learning…

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Welcome! Where are you from? Are you going to see Mike during his tour soon?

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Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome!! :sun_with_face: :smile: Don’t be shy! We’re glad to have a new soldier! :smile:

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Welcome and hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi and welcome :smiley::wave:

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Hello and welcome

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Hey there! How are you?
Are u enjoying?
I’m quite new too, btw c:

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Welcome @susan584 :smiley:
Hope you have fun here :smiley:

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From newbie to newbie, welcome!
Don’t be shy! No one bites. :wink:
As far as I know. :smile:


Thank you for warm welcome :smile:.


I’m from Poland and unfotunately I won’t see Mike during his tour :frowning:

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Thanks and hi :smile:

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Thank you :smile:


Nice to see someone from Poland. Finally.

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I’m good thanks. And I’m happy I finally let it go out from my chest and say hi to everyone :smile:(sorry for my bad english again)


You’re from Poland too? That’s nice :smile:

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Thanks :smile:

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Yes and was surprised not to find any Poles here (or they are just private).

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