Forum Tools (For our new siblings)

Hello and welcome everyone to the LPU. In this forum you will find a lot of different themes, you can join in whenever you want. Feel free to ask any doubt you might have.

The reason why I’m creating this topic is basically help everyone to understand how to use each tool. So, let’s do this:

This is the reply box:

Here you can find a lot of tools. The most used are:



Quoting is best used to reply to multiple people or posts in one post. It keeps threads clean.

To quote a post or parts of a post on the forum, just highlight what you want and click ‘quote’. Quotes can be taken from between threads. So if you are making a post in thread A, but want to quote thread B, you can. Just leave the reply box open and navigate the forum above. Once you are ready to make the post, click ‘post’ and the forum will ask you whether you want to post in the thread where you originally opened the reply box (thread A) or the thread that you currently have open (thread B).

You can quote an entire post by clicking the speech bubble in the tool tray at the top of the reply box. You can also insert external quotes by using the speech marks symbol in the tool tray.

clic on quote and it’ll show up this:


The chain symbol in the tool tray at the top of the post is used to create a text link. Use this to embed a link in a work of your choice to a location of your choice.

Like this: Check out LP’s Youtube channel.

‘LP’s Youtube channel’ is now a link to their YT channel.



Highlight your selected text and then Ctrl+B

It bolds the text like this.



(Highlight your selected text and then Ctrl+I)

It turns your selected text into italics


Less than / greater than

Less than / greater than: (< >)

We use this to get around the ‘10 characters minimum’ warning on posts. Type only letters with no spaces between the symbols and the forum will count them as characters without displaying them.

It should look like this:


Uploading pics

Uploading Pics:

I guess everyone knows what this is for, right?

After you click on it, you will see a window like this:

Select the option you want and upload it :wink:

You can also upload pictures by directly copying and pasting images or image links. This works for screenshots as well. Once uploaded you can pick what size you want your image to be by going over to the preview box and mousing over the image, at the bottom you will see some percentage size options. Click one to select the size you want. If you want a custom size, click on any of the pre-sets and then edit the code in the normal reply box to be set to whatever size you want. Sizes are only integers between 1 and 100.

If you are uploading multiple pictures one by one, you have to wait until the previous one is ready or else the forum glitches out.

Bullet list

Bullet List:

As in MS Word, it help you to highlight some points:

  • you can write an asterisk in the begin

  • List item (or click on the button, it’s the same)

Numbered list

Numbered list:

The same as the previous one, but with numbers.

  1. List item



An emoji can be started with a colon if you know the exact name of it or you can start with a colon and then some suggestions will pop up when you start typing. For access to all of them, click on the face to bring up the ‘gallery’ and give your post a touch of creativity :wink:

: wink : (without the spaces before and after the colons) or ; ) (without the space between the semi-colon and bracket) will both give you the :wink: emoji.




Click on it and you will find more tools:

  • Hide details:
    Ideal for when you want to write some things and you don’t want to create an extended text or you don’t want people to accidnetally see. The text inside opens like a drop-down menu when you click on the arrow.

This text will be hidden

The title of the drop-down can be edited by typing whatever you want between the speech marks on the first like of code after ‘details=’
Put your main body of text between the two square bracket boundaries.

  • Inserte date
    Add a date and time to a post for a given event. You can set multiple time zones. When posted, mouse over it to see all details.

  • Blur Spoiler
    It blurs the text like this, [spoiler]Blur example[/spoiler], click the blur to reveal it.

  • Build a poll
    Do you need to know our opinions in a particular matter? Use this tool to create the best poll that suits your needs. Be careful, you just have 5 minutes to edit it once the post has been made if you made a mistake, after that time you won’t be able to change it.

Default screen
Captura :



Crossed out text

Crossed out text:

There are two ways to cross out text that you’ve written. The first is by using the strike command. Write ‘strike’ between a less than and greater than sign, then write your text followed by ‘/strike’ between a less than and greater than sign.

Like this:
< strike > text goes here </ strike > (without the spaces before and after strike.

The second method is to put twin tilde on either side of the text.

Like this:

~~ text goes here ~~ (without spaces before or after the double tilde)

Topic category

Topic Category:

When making a thread, you are given the option to put it in the appropriate thread category on the forums. Threads are uncategorised by defualt.



By now you would have noticed divinding lines thorughout this post that let you know when a section finishes. To add a divider to your post, just type out 3 consecutive dashes without spaces.

Post tools

Post tools:

Click here to find them

  • When the post is yours, you see another buttons:
    Those are used to edit or delete your post.

The spanner is just for members with the rank of ‘regular’ and moderators. Basically you can use it to make a post or a topic a wiki. Making a wiki post means that anyone can edit it, but it also means that the edit time does not expire like it does on a normal post.

After you clicked on the button:

Also, you can undo it. Just click on the button again:
And it ends like in the beginning.

Note*: After a period of time the post becomes old, when that happen, you can’t edit it anymore. It only happens when you don’t set it up as a wiki.

When the post isn’t yours:

The heart is the ‘like’ button.

The rest of tools:
The chain: is used to share a link. Click on the name :wink:

Portraits of a Masked Mind

The bookmark:
save a post or topic you really love it (or want to reply back later). You can’t have more that 25 bookmarks (I guess)

The flag:
Are you seeing someone spamming our house? Flag it and a moderator will come to the rescue :smile:

The arrow:
Reply directly to this soldier and their post.

I guess that’s all. Anyway I know I’m forgetting something. Whoever wants to participate is more than welcome to do :slight_smile:

Post edit-log
  • 7/4/19 - @the_termin8r - Correcting grammar, adding content and cleaning up the layout.

Nice job @IronSoldier16 ! Very well done and useful!! :smile:

I found just some mistyped mistakes,but all fine and understandable. :grin:

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This is good, but isn’t this exactly what @discobot is for?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I knew I forgot something very important!

Tagging people
use @ before the username. You can tag 10 soldiers.

:grimacing: fml!

Yeah, but new people doesn’t know him.


I’ll give it a look over tomorrow and edit any mistakes as well as add missing info since it’s a wiki.

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Thank you, dude.

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Also the bot doesn’t know the trick for making words invisible that helps with the “10 characters” rule :crazy_face:

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Who the F***k is @discobot???
you are right, we don’t know him…
Thanks or this topic @IronSoldier16… it’ll be very helpful :hugs:


Lol. It’s a bot that helps new soldiers with some basic things. Tag him and follow its rules, in the end it will give you two badges.

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I’ll come here back again to read all…

Just finished editing the post @IronSoldier16, I have a copy of the original if you’re not happy with it or want something changed. In short I added extra info, corrected grammar and tried to tidy up the layout as to not put people off when they see a mega post. I also added an edit log to be filled out when somebody edits the post.

Also, @derek or @jFar920 could we get this thread pinned to the top of the ‘latest’ page or something?


Thanks man. I like everything. Especially this:


Latest is a bit overkill, to do that I’d have to global pin, and I don’t think we need to see this in every topic.

I will pin it to Help though.


Great, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @IronSoldier16, @the_termin8r, @derek and @discobot
Now I know were to look when I’m lost :upside_down_face:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

You organised it real well dude. That would be helpful to all newbies :slight_smile:

This is really outdated now, but might have some useful stuff you may have missed that you could copy/paste over