Dose anyone know about early entry to the venue results?


I’m going to the show in Israel and I still didn’t get the result…signed up for both shows. there are in 25/26 .when we should get the answers? super excited!

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Usually, you get the result one or two days before the show. So maybe the 23th or 24th. :blush:

And don’t forget to check your spams.

By the way, welcome on the LPU forum :grin:


thank you. i m just worried cuase right now i kinda figured out a problome.
i dont get any notification from LPU to my email , and i know that since you replied and i didnt get any notification to the mail.
and everything in my setting checked right…
so that means even if i win the M&G or the eraly entry… i wont see it. is there anything i can do? :frowning:


When you enter the M&G contest, you don’t receive an email. I don’t know if it’s what you are meaning.


Welcome on forum! :smile:

Edited a typo in the title,hope you don’t mind… :blush:

@derek or @jFar920 can you check this please? :point_up_2: thanks!


Thank you very very much for your kind help.
I genuinely just want to know if im 100% sure in the m&g contest and receiving the LPU mail correctly.
Its a 1 time dream to meet with mike and i didnt get to the 25 meeting…
Today , as i understand the winners for the 26 M&G show, should get an email and thats why im worried That even if i win , i might no recive any.


You’re welcome! Wishing you good luck for the M&G! :muscle: :sun_with_face: :smile:

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Any news here for the M&G?? :eyes: @emiltayeb ?


hey! first tahanks to everyone here!
sadly didnt won any M&G , but i did win an early enty!

love you all…


Congrats for it! Better than nothing… :wink: :smile:
You’re very welcome! :blush: :smile: Enjoy the show!! :hugs: