Anyone have a Chester Memorial Kerrang magazine to spare?

I’ll pay a reasonable price for one. I didn’t get the chance to nab one, and it would be much appreciated! :wink:

It’ll take a while I assume but
Has them on sale, you can buy just the single one just change the delivery location and the currency at the top of the page and it’ll show US delivery :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still waiting for mine :frowning:
But I’m in NZ, so figuring, it must be on the slowest plane EVER!

:joy: snail mail is awesome
It’ll get there when you’ve just forgotten you ordered it :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me about it! Everytime I get an email saying I’ve got mail…I’m hooning down to my PO Box - only to find it’s another dang bill…grrrrrr…
The latest one has some kind of CB poster special - so I’ve ordered that too!

I mean the first one they released right after he passed. I already have the Hollywood Bowl issue

From what I understand, that is the hardest one to get, unless you pay an over inflated price…
However, you can read it here…
(hopefully this link is allowed…sorry if not)

That’s why I asked LPU. Suppose someone has an extra and is nice enough to let me buy it off them, fan to fan.

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Is it late to order the magazine. I will love to have one to keep of my Chester memory box

I misunderstood :bowing_man:
It’ll pop up somewhere somehow :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have an extra copy that I will sell to you for $0.00.

Let me know if that price works for you.


Wait…plus S&H or is that included?

That right here is an amazing gesture by one Linkin Park fan to another and would totally make Chester proud. You just made my day seeing this. I love seeing this stuff happen :heart:


I’d have to charge her S&H, fortunately it would be $0.00, which isn’t too much.

Let me know Ms. Mutant, that way I can send on my off day tomorrow.


Did you order from newsstand or have you before? I ordered it from them but they didn’t send me a tracking number. I only got an email saying my subscription was complete so I’m assuming that means it shipped but no tracking number. Is that normal with them?

Just adding to convo, but I buy here. They charge a couple bucks more but I always get my magazines super quick.


I ordered one but same thing, so I assume they don’t give one maybe b/c it’s from out of US but not sure maybe someone has more input

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Only way you can beat that is if it included a gift card or a promotional gift on the side!

All kidding aside you’re the man, man :+1:

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Wow!! No way! :sob::heart: thank you sooo much dude I’ll PM you my address! You’re the best!

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@MutantKid Super envious! Yay you!

Hope that newsstand site isn’t bogus @framos1792
Cos that’s where I’ve ordered the last two from… And I’m still waiting… But I’m also on the opposite end of the world, so I’m not worried…yet…


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