Cologne Ticket for Sale

Hey Guys,

I am selling another Cologne Ticket
If someone is interested contact me:



Whyyy?? Aren’t you going? :frowning:

No i cant…

Oh understood… nice of you to say it here! :hugs:

Do you have a facebook-Account? Post it in the Cologne-“Ticketbörse” :). Some people are still searching

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no i dont have Facebook.
could you post it there for me?

sure, but how can you connect with the buyer?

Thats my email:

Ok, which price ? :slight_smile: I’ll post it in the group, no problem dude :sunglasses:


Thank you


I’ll post it with your E-Mail-Adress, is that good for you?

I’ve posted it in the facebook group with your email-adress

hey yeah its ok…thank you so much!!!

No probleme dude :slight_smile:

Hey i sold the Tickets a few minutes ago

great. Hope we’re gonna meet in the future :wink: :sunglasses:

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