What Toots Your Horn?

Aside from all the Linkin Park related topics and threads that have been created thus far, there are also a lot of random threads to have fun or get to know one another better.

We have a Q&A Thread. We have a Food & Drinks Thread. We have loads and loads of game threads. Yeah, we sure have lots of all sorts of threads about whatever, really.

There’s also the What Grind Your Gears Thread:

I figured it is now time for a positive version of that thread. Instead of sharing stuff that annoys, angers and frustrates you; How about we share things we are proud of, look forward to and are excited about? Whether it be something you’ve done in the past or something you’re doing right this moment, we all have something to be proud of.

We all have reasons to toot our own horn sometimes. Let’s share the happy thoughts!


I’ll start off with another general list.

-Not being bored
-Working on something practical
-Being alone
-Being outside
-The cold
-The wind
-The rain
-All of the last 4 points combined
-Laughing at things
-When something is done properly

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What? LP x Food again?

Edit: Toot horn has same negative connotation as grind gears to me, sorry


Clearly LP and food yes :joy:

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So is that a good or bad thing to you?

nice idea, my share of the day:

going to London and taking part in @rorymcgarrett tribute for Chester, and to meet a lot of soldiers there - this is just awesome. In the spirit of Chester. I love it <3


You did? :open_mouth:

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yes, I go with my daughter… :heart_eyes: road trip to London via Amsterdam :smiley:

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To Amsterdam? How exciting! When? Maybe we can meet up :slight_smile:

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Awwwww yes, this would be awesome- and we will enjoy Mimosas :tada: I start here around the 12th- to not have to rush… maybe we stay a day or two at the beach in Holland too, and seriously? I would love if we would meet to finally laugh our as*** of face to face :joy:

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Would be great yes! :smiley:

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Good things :blush:

Yay for:

  • Mimosas
  • It’s almost weekend!
  • I love my job
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@AJ you made my day :heart: Thank you :blush:


My family
Smiley people
Having money!!!

That I enjoyed this weekend nicely…
Ready for the next which is dead busy

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Today!! It was great!

Other stuffs… Which roots my horns…

  • sketching
  • listening music
  • watching friends making music
  • writing
  • learing something productive
  • travelling
  • playing games (Not so much… Still)
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I am sure that she feels the same way :slight_smile: keep smiling :slight_smile:

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The only good thing that happened today was that I think I did well in my exam. 2 down 1 to go.

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Which exams? wishing you the best mate! exams feel like jumping hoops don’t they?

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