What grinds your gears?

What’s your biggest pet peeve, what grinds your gears?
Just for fun lets complain

My biggest pet peeve is people who have bad breath.
The ones you have to talk all the time at work or sit across from. An old relative who always leans it to tell you something.
All you can do is take it and pretend you haven’t noticed and try to keep a straight face and not vomit.

Comepletely useless info but I imagine there’s gonna be some funny ones

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Where do I begin? I don’t actually have a biggest pet peeve.

In no particular order:
-People in my space
-People who talk nonsense
-Pop culture
-Mainstream pop
-Noisy eaters
-Itchy scalp
-People who don’t know how to set up game lobbies in GT6 (Eg they set a ‘practise and race’ lobby and never once start a race)
-My dad’s road rage
-My family
-People challenging my knowledge on a topic which I know lots about and they know nothing.
-Being talked over
-Being ignored
-Kill joys
-One of my teachers in college
-An idiot in my class
-Slow wifi
-Bad sound quality
-A variety of car makes
-Hybrid hypercars (from a non engineering POV)

I’ve probably missed a few. Also I’d like to point out that being me means that I keep 98% of my irritation to myself and if I do ever express it in any way I have to be seriously pissed off.

-Beats headphones
-People who wear headphones for fashion (especially the ones that walk around the streets wearing beats with the cable missing)
-The BBC
-My parents messing with the climate in my room (this is at the very top of my list)
-Any other form of tampering in my room - including unauthorized entry (I usually know as there is something that has been moved).
-The sound of vacuum cleaners (this is also at the very top)
-The sound of a hair drier
-‘Riced out’ cars
-Shopping of any kind
-My old TV

God, this post is making me sound like a whiny little kid :laughing: I assure you I’m not. I’m curious as to what others will post.


Oh, and phone calls from my grandparents. More so with my grandma as she’s rather religious and inadvertently starts preaching the same thing over and over every phone call


Lol yeah my mum after having a drinks reminds how lucky I was she wasn’t a child beater. And then come the bad son stories lol

My parent’s know they can’t do anything to me lol. The moment the lectures come I just go on shutdown and make it look like I’m paying attention. Grounding me doesn’t work and if they hit me I’d probably murder them (I’m that person, hit me [with bad intentions] and I’ll punch through your skull).

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I laugh then leave :joy::joy:

It’s not that easy when you’re in a moving car :joy: I just keep remembering things so my original list is just growing and growing.

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I think @the_termin8r1 covered pretty much everything.

I’ll add:

  • People interrupting me when I listen to music, I can literally murder them.
  • People telling me how to dress cause I’m not “girly” enough. (and it happens a lot unfortunately)
  • Religion brain-washing

I don´t know if he had added [ot was too long this morning]
-silly bosses
-smelling of sweat or cheap parfum
-kids screaming
-a kind of chaos that is realy a mess
the rest I tell othertimes, time runs bathrooms calling

What really grinds my gears is my engine LMAO

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Oh god, yes I missed that.

What on earth kind of engine and/ or gearbox do you have lol? I get it’s a joke but from an engineering perspective the only thing that can grind gears is a bad gear change or possibly if the engine is too powerful for the gearbox but that would never happen unless you tuned your engine and did nothing to the gb.

Yeah I like listening to music through a headset and if I’m on my phone and someone rings mid master of puppets solo they have to go

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I was about to say there wasn’t enough lubricant between the gear teeth, but oh well, too many innuendos here.

Bad drivers

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People who brake for no reason, like when there’s a car coming the other way with a meter gap in between, or when doing 20 around a slight bend. I don’t drive yet, but just watching it is irritating.

Also people saying that new Undertale game is the greatest thing ever. It’s super overrated and getting beyond annoying

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What’s that?

There’s two characters named Sans and Papyrus and now whenever on the Internet someone brings up those fonts in no relation to the game 50 people have to go “LOL UNDERTALE”

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When tech goes wrong. That takes top spot ATM.

ot wish you all the best for your “online” going today…lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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