What Toots Your Horn?

Retakes. :confused:

So far they have been identical to the ones I flopped. Apparently other modules have had identical exams too. So it stands to reason tomorrow will have an identical one. What’s good about that is that they papers are available to use so you basically have to memorise it. Don’t really see the point of doing a retake of the answers are pretty much given to you.

Great to hear that… I was gonna ask on 25th when all ends…
Good luck for the last
Yeah it really feels good when more than half are finished.

You too! Keep smiling!’ :smile:


Right now

  • Its Friday here
  • I can relax more
  • Don’t have problems to fix
  • Gaming :sunglasses:
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Holidays :heart:

  • more time (but never enough!)
  • no need to get up too early
  • relax
  • turn your head off from work
  • watch movies and series
  • be on this forum the whole day :joy:
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Right now…

  • I have done practicing accouts… Today’s first half target over
  • enjoying music + forums…
  • gaming later…
  • relaxing now… Sitting on sofa being lazy… :sunglasses:
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  • Hugo Rosé bubble wine
  • Eating salads
  • Being offered a year contract
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New squishy yarn
Walking on sunshine …

While writing this I felt so… happy. Powered up


The same :heart:

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Today it was raining heavily… No school
I can study whatever I want today… But I dont know if I will get time for some creation… Well, will manage somehow… At last hobbies are what makes you happy! :smile:

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Wooooow Congrats my friend @Gatsie - these are wonderful news :confetti_ball:

I will start to set up my new room today, MY room :heart_eyes:


Well this made me happy today :smiley:



Reader?? When do you get that!? @mishelka3 ??
Well congo for that!! :smile:

And what toots my horns:
“due to heavy rains and flooded roads, the schools and offices are closed and tomorrow is declared as a public holiday”

Yeah! I got a holiday… The best thing I wanted :grin:
:smiley: !

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Lucky! you can do what you want then… :smiley: :smile:

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Yep!! I am gonna complete all work in first half and enjoy the second! :smile:


Thanks dear friend! :heart:

When you read some long long topics, so you’d understood what they’re about :slight_smile:


Yay!! :)))) Enjoy :slight_smile: At least something good comes from the rain :laughing:


That today I will start being patient when I am drawing… You will see what I am talking about in a few days!!


I am eager!! Yay!! :smiley: !

Our sixth anniversary yesterday

Furman race on saturday :horse: :horse_racing: :racehorse:


The rest of the photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rofePNK3P6jAVxe62 :slight_smile: