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There seems to be a very strange power at work on these forums. Every thread that gets started on a topic ends up going to food. I’m trying to concentrate it to one thread.

So, who wants to talk about food? (£5 says this thread will turn out to be about anything other than food :laughing:)


Great topic!

So… Fried spiders anyone?

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Serve 'em up :grinning:

There’s dip too!


You didn’t! Hahaha! Funny, cause it happens to be World Food Day today.

I approve of this topic. Share food porn people!

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No way, I didn’t know that, this was a complete coincidence.

Wow this topic is on topic then!

So… What snack do you guys eat late at night passed dinner time? I’m aware snacking passed 21:00 isn’t associated with a healthy diet. But I sure love myself some

Dutch Bitterballen

Or some ham & cheese croissants

Oh skittle-crap, I think I’m going to bake myself some croissants darnnit!


Anything really. I had ice cream at 22:30 last night whilst watching the world’s worst movie on Sky premiere :laughing:

LOL, how would you guys react if I told you that Greeks tend to eat late? Dinner time is between 9 and 10pm.

I’m gonna make me sushi banana later, if it turns out good, I’ll share a photo.

I eat dinner at around 21:00 as well because that’s when I usually come off my ps3. 19:30 to 21:00 is gaming time for me.

great applause for the idea of @the_termin8r1 the food topic, so last night I ate cold
we had Excursion with the company, I drank a lot
and had ugly needs this night… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Excuse the quality of the photo. Doesn’t look like much but it tastes great!


Are those bananas wrapped up in the sort of ‘pancakes’ (The technical term escapes my mind ATM) that you’d wrap a fajita in?

Yes! It’s basically a tortilla with peanut butter spread and banana.

Looks like quite the healthy snack, the peanut butter & banana tortilla.

Honestly, I don’t really have a strict eating schedule myself. I try to eat breakfast every day and throughout the rest of my day I just eat whenever I’m hungry enough. Which sometimes means I’ll skip lunch time and just have an early dinner and snack later on at night.

So… What’d you have for breakfast today?

I had myself a bowl of these and eventhough it’s dinner time right now I still want more of it…

But I ended up frying these again:


I’ve been stuffing my face with all kinds of junk today. Not a single healthy thing :laughing:

It is actually. I found it online. I started eating healthier a few months ago and I’ve seen changes in myself so I’m continuing, though it’s harder now cause of work but I try and eat there whenever I can instead of skipping my lunch.

I can’t eat in the morning, it messes my stomach and I get nauseous.

I try to eat healthy, I really do. I love fruits and veggies and soups and such. But we’ve been having a birthday marathon the last month, a birthday every week. Lots of pie, lots of cakes and loads of other Indonesian treats. Oh and then there’s those darned bitterballen in my fridge that are calling my name again!

I have absolutely no control, stuffing myself like this adorable squirrel. OMG the humanity!

@gatsie what the hell are bitterballen? I read it now for the third time and that you´rean addicted, pl explain what are they made of? sweet? sour? salty? bitter?


These look delicious, I have to try them sometime.

Favorite food is Japanese, love everything! Well, I’ve had Chinese and Thai and I’m going to try Korean for the first time soon. I find Asian food extremely good lol.