For the newcomers - why right now?

(May I create a new topic? The grey box on the right tells me to think twice. But I will take the risk to be told off by the moderation.)

I signed in a few days ago and observed that I’m not the only one newcomer. What brought you guys here just right now? Not when the band was on the top? I myself hesitated for a few months as I wasn’t sure what I would find here.
Before, I didn’t even realize that LPU existed. On one hand I’m an old fan, on the other - quite new one. Many years ago I fell in love with the sound of Hybrid Theory and Meteora tapes (hands up who else has/had any LP tapes). They both have always been close to my heart. Not to say - I got high on them (no need for drugs/alcohol). Besides, I discovered some other kinds of music to run away from myself on the with no use of toxic substances (gnawa, music inspired by sufism).

But as you can’t escape from your life, my life finally got me those days and I had to face it. Which distracted me from any music for some years. Till last October when I came across my old LP tape and felt like I was much younger again. Youtube brought me from the songs I’ve already known to the new ones from my perspective (everything after Meteora). Off course, I found out of July 20th, 2017 and even tried to share my thoughts and the music with a friend of mine but she wasn’t completely into the sounds.

And now I’m here.


Never too late to join, that’s why! :smile: In any case, welcome :slight_smile:


It’s a perfectly valid new thread to create :upside_down_face:
Policing the site is only for unnecessary creations and well, though sometimes it sounds annoying it’s jist to get everyone up to speed here :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, though I’ve been here for a couple years now, what brought me back was a bad period of time in life in which I kind of regressed into my comfort music, LP as for many here is like my home musically, you can leave it and listen to other genres or groups and perhaps even forget LP form time to time if they aren’t in your library but one thing at a certain point makes you go back and it feels like going back home haha for me it was ITE and WFTE, I was hearing those two songs nonstop and led me to trying thp again and lo and behold that heavier sound soothed me at the time and curiosity got me to search LP up and finally led me here right around the time OML was becoming a reality
Being able to have something in common with someone here and getting lost in conversation, trying to figure out the little hints mike and the band were dropping were awesome and the site just grew on me :slightly_smiling_face: LP gave me the song I needed for the moment (heavy) and the site gave me the company of people that I didn’t know at the time
Now this is like a second home with people whom I’ve met, or people I’ve spoken to, or people who I’m in constant contact with so I wouldn’t change that for anything :man_shrugging:t2::grin:
I too wish id’ve been here much sooner…idve gotten to hear the full band live for one… but as rick said, it’s never too late for something as good haha


Hey, im new here to, just a couple of weeks now i think. About 16 years ago (im 29 now) i heard about the LPU but my parents didnt want to pay for it cause we were pretty poor and they said i was to young to be on a forum. I have no idea why i didnt join when i got a job on my 16th, but after that i kinda forgot about joining the LPU. I always knew it existed but i just didnt think of joining.
About a year ago my husband bought a company and that was a huge change in our lives. We became really busy at that point. I had to work less at my own job (im a teacher) so i could help him out more. Ive never been on social media a lot, but that made sure i only checked out FB and insta like once every couple of months. In about september i found out that Mike made a solo album and i was in shock: have i been living underneath a stone or something, why didnt i knew this?:scream::scream::scream:
That was the moment i realized i missed a lot of things around me, because my entire life was about working, keeping the house clean en sleeping. I needed to do something about that and i went back on insta and FB. And then i figured i wanted to be more up to date with my family and LP and stuff. So i started following more people and eventually decided i wanted to join the LPU! I even got back on Twitter, havent used that in years :joy: And all these things were the best decisions i could make :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Its only been a couple of weeks, but i feel at home already and i love you guys :heart: #LPUfamily


I’m not new here, but the only reason I came here was because I was bored.


Hello and welcome @anomalia :grin:
I joined last november and there is no reason for why it took me so long.
LP has always been a great part of my life, but in 2008 i saw them for the first time live, so I became totally obsessed. That was all i could listen too. i even join a portuguese fan community and i hear of LPU but didnt joined because i didnt have a credit card to join. so the years went by and i became less obsessed with lp. then Chester died and all the memories from LP came rushing back. i tried to listen to the hollywood bowl concert but i couldn’t pass numb. That performance was just hearth breaking. Them Mike released Post Traumatic and after 6 months of listening to the album like zillion times, i was able to finally listen to LP. And then i became totally obsessed again and bought the ticket to see Mike in Luxemburg (the cheapest flight i could find) and joined the LPU. :blush:


I’ve been here a while but never commented. I like to see what is going on. I love the LP Family! Welcome everyone! :heart::heart:


That was poetic :cry::star_struck::joy::joy:


Why poetic?

It was sarcasm :upside_down_face:
It was funny to see us going deep and you come in with…I joined cuz I was bored :joy:


Why else do I do anything in life?

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I honestly don’t know about the LPU and I actually joined by mistake because I was looking to buy the one more light album but instead of getting that album I found you guys and in the last year I have been here you guys helped though some dark parts of my life you guys even talked me out of killing myself. You guys are the best gift anyone could ask for. You’re special in your own weird way and the thing I love about this place even more than the Music is I have found Somewhere I Belong and a place I can be me. I think of everyone of you as my family.( Except. @the_termin8r he doesn’t like to be called family ( so Family and one great friend) So thank you All


Damn straight. LMAO :joy:


Come on, you can join anywhere while bored :wink:

Exactly, and I have in the past. Before this forum, I was on the Crysis forums, but those got shutdown.

how about a kinda forum on fishing or knitting?

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I’m not that kind of person.

Lmao the terminator knitting :rofl:


Rob would better at making a something that could kill us all. Then knitting :joy:


I could kill you all with a pair of knitting needles. :joy: