For the newcomers - why right now?

I guess you woudn’t need a pair. One would be enough. Just join the knitting forum and learn how


You’re not getting it, I’m an engineering student, I’ve got far better, and less infuriating things to do with my time. :joy:

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Speaking of engineering how is your 3rd year going so far at University. @the_termin8r

What can be less infuriating than knitting stitch which gets ripped - Linkin Park

Meh, boring as usual, not as bad as the last 2. I’ve got a lunch with another person from a robotics company and a presentation in front of people from Eurostar coming up in the next couple of weeks and I’m still doing a bunch of projects as well as my dissertation.


Good luck with everything

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I was just going to say I’d imagine you’d find some way to stab your hand and start shooting blood all over your room making it look like a massacre :joy::joy:

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This is a good question!
I´m a fan since many years and a member since some months.
Why right now?
First part of my answer is: Chester´s passing showed me, that some of my friends are fans of LP, but I am a fan-fan ( = more than a fan, you know what I mean?) and after the shock and grief I wanted to be in a community with other fan-fans :hugs:
Second part: I really miss Chester, but for me LP is more than Chester and I hope they will find together! To support this, I am here :heart:


You guys know what? I’m afraid I’m getting addicted after such a short time here.

I’d would also like to ask how it is with the membership fee of 10 :heavy_dollar_sign: that I expected to pay after I chose the option ‘Join for 10 dollars’. Finally I paid nothing and was sent directly here.

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Newbie syndrome, the next symptom is an ungodly amount of daily posts.

I can’t remember what it was that you got with the $10, but I don’t think there was any merch.


If I’m not wrong, with 10$ you don’t have any merch…it’s just the online lpu membership payment…

If they didn’t charge you, then no matter, you can have a free account here :upside_down_face:
The $10 fee is for if you enter a contest for m&g or something like that mostly now


If I only had known of LPU let’s say 10 years ago, I would have even paid twice as much or more. Lucky you guys who had opportunity to LP alive on stage or to meet & greet them.

You asked, for me, no short answer.

I got “minutes to midnight” from a friend in 2007. And loved it instantly. Listened to it non stop. It hit my mark. I had the CD always in the car and later on the phone or USB. I was completely satisfied and also told people Linkin Park was one of my favourites.

But I never looked up more, or even the band.

For one, I seldom did that, cause Music just came to me through other people.

Two, I often experienced, that I don’t like more of a band. It always sounded similar but not as great as the loved one.

Life went on, I listened to other stuff, my English got better, so I started to listen to lyrics, liked music for there lyrics.

In Germany it is common to listen to english music without understanding the lyrics.

Chester died, one more fames beloved one in an really sad row, I already lost two of my most important actors Alan Rickman and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

I started to listen to music an YouTube and got bored and annoyed. YouTube always propose the same music on you, if you don’t get active on your own. So I did. I looked up, what musicians did, that I listened for years. And there comes Linkin Park!


And it hit me like a hammer.


So many albums I missed.

And I love them all!

Really all!


How could I have missed this for so long!

On the other hand, imagine you could listen to it now the first time!

I love the diversity, I love the art, I love the inspiration, I love the stylistic incongruity, I love the mash up with JayZ, I just love it all!

And Mike, Chaster (R.I.P.), Brad, Joe, Rob, Dave what amazing, passionate, kind, creative people!

And last, but very, very important, but on the other side, very personal the lyrics.

I listened to “minutes to midnight” as my most helping album without knowing, that the lyrics had the same theme as the music, would’ve hit home.

I’m the same age than Chester and know the fight against my inner demons.

But I stop there now.

It’s not just the Chester pain lyrics, it’s them all, the political, or the ones Mike wrote to his kids. I’m just so amazed that this American big city rockstars hit home with a German, country loving, struggling as part time single mom and working on sheep farms, passion for writing woman.

Just grateful!

So I am here, to show my unconditional support.

What ever they do in the future, I always be there and listen.

So happy to have tickets for Mike in March.

Thank you guys for reading.

Only the best for you!


Thank you for your honesty and welcome to the family @anna834 :hugs::sunny::yellow_heart:


Welcome @anna834 ! :smile: :sun_with_face:

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Welcome. @anna834

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Hello to my namesake.

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Welcome to the LPU :slight_smile:

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