For the newcomers - why right now?

Welcome @anna834 and thank you for your story :smile:

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You have come in a good time. Welcome buddy.

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Welcome @anna834! Hope you have a great time here :grin:

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I’ve been a fan for twelve years, but being a European - where LP often came for festivals rather than solo tours (or at least the festival-appearances were the ones I heard about most from others; I know they toured everywhere as a band) - and autistic - meaning that, especially as a teen, big crowds and partying weren’t my thing - I never ended up seeing a concert. Due to this lack of ‘live’ involvement I never joined the LPU, although I’m pretty sure I did consider it at times.

I also had a period of time which started somewhere after Hunting Party’s release where I wasn’t as involved with the band. (Not because of that album, mind you! I listened to it super actively after its release.) I didn’t even listen to most of the songs on One More Light until a year after Chester’s passing. (Though I should say that the songs I did listen to I really loved and listened to actively; I just wasn’t quite involved with the band as a whole to the extent that I felt the urge to hear the entire album as soon as I could. And also, Chester’s passing made it so much more difficult to listen to the rest, as I knew it’d be the last new songs I’d ever hear with him on them.)

I did follow Mike fairly actively right as he started his solo career, so as soon as I found out he was coming to Europe I bought tickets on the day sales opened. But then about three weeks later, around mid-December, I decided at work to play all LP albums in order, on one day. That day changed me; I completely re-discovered the band, and ever since LP is 99% of what I listen to. On new year’s day I re-watched their Milton Keynes concert while I was on a long bus journey. It was really emotional, as I played the DVD of that concert literally daily for a good period of time as a teen, but then hadn’t watched it in years. That day I made the decision that I was gonna have their logo tattoo’d on me (which I did, three weeks into this year).

I thought about the LPU a few times in the past few months but I didn’t realise that Mike’s fan-stuff went through here as well. When I saw on Mike’s Facebook that sign-ups were open for a meet and greet, I immediately, and finally, went here and bought a membership. So Mike’s M&G was a catalyst that made that happen, but it’s not as if I did it only to gain access to that; as I said I wasn’t really sure if LPU was still active in general.

Not having seen LP live at any point when I definitely had opportunities to is something that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for. 20 June 2017 will forever be engraved on my mind as the day that they were in Amsterdam with Chester for the last time, and I was off doing whatever worthless thing I was doing when I really should have been there. I can only try to be happy that I’m here now and hope that seeing Mike live will help me heal a little.


Hi @evowarrior5
from newbie to newbie, welcome!
Let the past be, it will never change.
Some say, the same goes for the future.
But what the hack do I know.
Just, as long as I am been here, it is a great place!
And thanks for sharing your story!


First of all, welcome new people!

I remember wanting to join the LPU when I was thirteen. I had received Hybrid Theory as a Christmas gift in 2001, and up until then, I had never related to anything more in my life.

The only reason I didn’t join was because my parents said that “there are a lot of bad people on the Internet”.

So I joined my first year out of high school, in 2008 (LPU7). I was in Best Buy one day and my eye caught the LPU bundles they had displayed.

Not only the perks that came with the membership, but the reason I keep renewing is because of this community, and the friendships and the memories I’ve made here over the last eleven years.

The rest, as they say, is history.


I’m a fan since the very early beginning. (and yet I never saw LP live, strange, now I think of it)
I don’t know, I think Linkin Park always just was there, as an almost invisible thread, woven through my life…
I’ve been a loner for most of my life, never felt the need to be part of anything…
Until last november, when my entire being was at the verge of disappearing… So, I needed to be here… It saved me…


Hey bro, happy you’ve made it through, and happy you joined :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been of the same mentality, sticking to myself for the most part save for a few spurts of time here and there but know full well the feeling of preferring solitude for the most part
That being said, pushing away from it a bit and allowing yourself to be yourself and be open with others is just as great and has been a welcome change since coming here so I hope it does the same for you :slightly_smiling_face: be yourself here and feel free to open up and share whatever loads you carry :smile: all for one and one for all! (I think that’s how it goes? :thinking::joy:)