What kind of comic character would you be?

i would like to be cat woman, but in fact i am dorie [ finding dorie)

I’m the terminator :stuck_out_tongue:

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here i am
okay great choice. sorry i love comic charakters.

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me have to guess… suggestions?

Idk, I was never a fan of comics, I only know some characters from films and games.

badman or superman

lara craft or betty boop?

me female dear!
maybe a fraggle… let me see…

I think I have a lot in common with Kenny from The walking dead( I’m not a fan of a comics , but i love the telltale game series based on Robert Kirkman’s stuff)

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sorry i must go to my daugther… see you guys an thanks for the conversation

dublicity me a daughter too… lol enjoy quality time soldierette

have two daughters to enjoy

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cuz i’m BATMAN


Sorry guys i am one of the person, don’t readed the gidelines first before starting a new topic .i am sorry, my second problem is to translate . I startet the new topic headless before i understood , i should lead the conversation. I am not a good leader. So, but now i read the gidelines . If i was a comiccharacter Homer simpson.So have a nice evening all together. I will learn my vocabularies

Doris isn’t from a comic book -.-

I would wanna be Rogue, always her @.@