I don't know what to do?!?

Since B.O.T.S is taking a bit of a back sit after Champions of Champions I have no clue what to do next

Still got my lyrics and the little LP band The Unity of Us to keep me occupied but doing B.O.T.S is what I did best on here

Can’t wait for the new album for B.O.T.S to come back and for the 3rd Champions League :sweat_smile:

But seriously have no clue what to do with myself on here :persevere:

Just stick around on the forum and join other threads. Other than that there isn’t much to do here.

go ahead and join here:

we are having fun if we don t argue, battle or game together!! I you join, we can explain how to jump the forum with joy :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess @theearlywalker you’re not there, so I:

The plug dj isnt mobile friendly yet

Tried to join the other day

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so ya just able to enter the net wirh a mobile?

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Apparently there’s a work around if you use the puffin browser but you’ll have to ask @evooba she uses it so she knows more.

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I don’t anymore actually. I can access it on Safari now so I don’t need the extra browser.

On mobile, the video doesn’t load, only the chat does.

Wait, how do you access it on Safari? Please tell me

nothing loads on my mobile phone, just a message that they’re preparing a mobile app

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I choose the desktop version instead of the mobile one and it loads it. It could be quite irritating at times though.

This seems logical, thanks))