Looking for a copy of hybrid theory ep for sale

Does anyone know where I could get a hybrid theory ep for sale and not those thousand or one hundred dollars just under fifty dollars?

Back in the day, they used to go for roughly $50 any day. But since Chester’s passing, the overall demand for it exploded. The original ones tend to go for more, so maybe those are the $1k+ ones (I had 6 at a point). I suggest just checking out obscure places like musicstack. Good luck!

Tried looking could not find any but I did find a couple of cds for really cheap prices!

If you were around ten years ago, the LPU store ran a sale on all the LPU CDs they had. Everything was ten dollars for a very limited time.

Good luck!

I was 2 years old at the time…

Best quote ever

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I imagine this is going to go up in price substantially soon but figured I’d point it out

Thanks for pointing it out but jeez the shipping is expensive.

Has anyone heard of the song blackout?

… … …

…From A Thousand Suns?

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You don’t have to re-purpose your previous topics to new ones (it probably is worse than making new ones because it’s just confusing). You are better off looking for existing places to discuss what is on your mind.

For example, here is a discussion about A Thousand Suns in general:

Or the topic that lacks a real name that we just post things that don’t fit elsewhere:

Or the topic that is basically the same thing but is kinda about random thoughts but it’s been around longer and has history in the forum so we don’t question it:

You’re not doing anything wrong by wanting to join in talking with everyone, but a topic about one specific song just doesn’t have justification for existing. There isn’t much to say and would probably gather three or four responses before becoming clutter in the vast archives of the forum.

You’re more than welcome to create more topics in the future, I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to, just consider what can really be discussed in them and if it’s worth existing on its own or being a talking point in a different topic.

I’ve changed the topic back to it’s existing focus


Yeah thats it.

I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t heard of it, it’s slap-bang in the middle of the album. :joy:


So didn’t they give LPU members this CD as part of your membership? I know you could purchase it but I thought I received mine for free but I could be wrong. I do remember getting the DVD audio version of Reanimation during LPU 2.0. For some reason I thought we received the Hybrid Theory EP during LPU 1.0?

The Hybrid Theory EP was the first LPU CD, they just don’t give them out any more. I didn’t join until LPU 8, so I don’t know the specifics, but I think I remember reading that LPU 2 also included LPU 1 stuff, but I don’t think that was a standard thing to include the previous year’s merch. You don’t get any CD for free with a membership now

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Ok well when are they going to release lpu 17?

LPU 17 came out over a year ago, and it didn’t have a CD. New merch came out this year, but it’s not really “LPU 18”. There’s no word on what the future of the LPU is

Will they release demo’s for one more light?

Maybe someday, but they haven’t said anything about it for now

I was just wanting talking to myself demo because I really like that song,Also where do they get the demos at?