Real Talk: A Thousand Suns

The long awaited continuation of the “Real Talk” topics is here, this time with A Thousand Suns! It’s been over half a year since the last topic, but better late than never. On the last discussion, A Thousand Suns was the most voted for on the topic of which album should be discussed next, so here we go!

Like in the past, discussion isn’t limited to just the music. Anything related to the album such as its promotion, artwork, music videos, etc. is fair game.

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  • Reanimation
  • Meteora
  • Collision Course
  • Minutes to Midnight
  • Living Things
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This album contains the very first Linkin Park song I truly hated(Blackout, lol).
And I think the next RT should be about Xero(dunno if it has been already made). I mean the RT about all known Xero demos(there were some demos published recently)

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I had mixed feelings about this album before it was even realeased, it was the first time I realised I might not like, like really like, their work. I didn’t know what to expect from the promo and all that.

I remember coming back from school one day, early September, like a week or a few days before the release of the album, and LP were streaming WFTE on their myspace (my freaking space!!!) and I couldn’t resist so I listened to it and I had my first ever emotional breakdown over a song. To this day, this song means the world to me.

I wasn’t sure about the album when I first heard it, it was so different. I realised how powerful it was a bit later when I heard some of the songs live. I consider it the best album LP has ever released. It’s just so mature and beautiful, truly a masterpiece.

Promo wise, I don’t remember how much they did, just a few scavanger hunts and puzzles and the build up to the 1st single’s release. Interviews and stuff that followed the release of it though were great, especially this one and the KROQ 360 Sessions.

The music videos are alright, nothing crazy but they’re cool. The making of is probably the most insane thing ever, I love it! I really like the fact that they left in tense moments and captured the stress and everything that went along with the writing of the album.


To keep things short. I initially thought the album was meh, but then it grew on me. Now it’s my second fav after Meteora. What I don’t like about this album is the amount of interludes. Also the CD that I own is censored because it was the only one on sale at the time. :confused:


Best LP album to date. It breaks boundaries and sounds so different in a good way. Lyrics are top notch. I also disliked it at first, but I believe it quickly grew on me.

Edit: I forgot to mention that my favorite LP song is on this album: WFTE


This album… I don’t have words to describe its awesomeness. I remember when I started to listen to LP in Sept of 2015,I listened to their albums in order. When I reached ATS,I just hated it so much that I called it “boring shit”.Except for WFTE and Blackout,I think I hated everything else.
After listening to all of the albums, I stumbled upon a review of ATS.It said that people should listen to the album without any pauses including the interludes. Back then I didn’t listen to the instrumentals and interludes at all. Guess I was less patient back then and I hadn’t developed a music taste. So I decided to listen to the full album without any pauses.
Let me say, I was blown away not only because of the interludes but also because I heard sounds which I couldn’t hear before. It sounds weird but that was what it was. After this listen,I loved it but I was still afraid to call it my fav album.
As time passed,I finally admitted that I liked this album more than HT or Meteora or any LP album for that matter. Now it is my favourite.
I guess if LP had never made this album then they might have not have such a status in my eyes as they have now. This album shows that LP is indeed a talented group.


Will hybrid theory always be my favorite album? Yes it will because I grow up with that album so yeah it will.

Even though reanimation was not my favorite I grew to like it any way.

Meteora is my second favorite album to this day. :grin: Never hated

This might be confusing by I think MTM will be my favorite album more then HT it’s just a guess to me. :blush:

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I grew up knowing In The End and Numb (but i remember hearing other LP songs from my father), then i heard Points of Authority when i was in highschool and liked it. I was also in highschool when i first heard Burning In The Skies (2011 i think), and i didn’t liked it at first that i didn’t even finished it. Then it was in college when i encountered that song again, i tried to listen to it and i liked it. So i listened to the whole album. Now A Thousand Suns is my favorite LP album, but i also love Hybrid Theory and Meteora being it the albums that my father used to listen to.

I love Waiting For The End and When They Come For Me, i don’t know but i like every tracks in it.

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OH MY GOSH! @amscon I love waiting for the end because at first I hated it but then it just grew on me so then it turn out that I really love that song.

Also in love with when they come for me because I play it when I am cooking food for my family, but the most part from though out of the song the “F” word would pop out so many times and it would be quiet in he house for a little bit but then when you hear that certain word the “F” word the family be like TURN THAT OFF NOW!

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@coolcat96 WFTE was the only LP song my siblings like. I’m glad that my family don’t seem to recognize the F word when I play When They Come For Me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was not into this album until I realised it was the gem of their career. It is the essence of who they are as everything in it has reached the peak of their experimentation (atleast until now).


There was nothing wrong with A Thousand Suns, people are clearly insane.


I wasn’t expecting to be this lengthy with it but here’s the short version if you don’t want to read it all.

To date, this is my favorite Linkin Park album.

Minutes To Midnight was a turning point in Linkin Park’s career, sure, but when I first heard that album, I took it as a sign of things to come, in pushing themselves increasingly more outside of the (I hate using this word) “nü metal box.”

Around June 2010, I remember some cryptic messages showing up on

Around that time, too, Mike was hanging out a lot on Ustream (I just looked at the link, and some of the archived videos are still there), and making impromptu appearances in the LPU chat room and the chat room used to have.

I remember hearing a lot of the remixes in “The Catalyst Featuring YOU” contest…I still have all the samples they sent out that I never actually did anything with. I actually just listened to NoBraiN’s remix for the first time in a long time the other day.

Was I at work listening to the radio the first time I actually heard The Catalyst? I think so, I can’t remember now. I just remember when I heard it for the first time, feeling happy. Happy to hear something completely different from the band I loved so much. It felt like it was a much-needed change for them, and it kept me wanting more.

September 14, 2010

At the time, I was still working on an on-call basis, so my work schedule wasn’t all that steady by any means. I ended up not having to work that day, so I spent my whole day walking through the mall, to get to the Best Buy on the other side. I bought the Best Buy version of the album (which came with NoBraiN’s remix, and a t-shirt), then walked back to the mall and bought the clean album and the deluxe version. Then I visited Hot Topic since they had new LP merch in stock to promote A Thousand Suns.

I think I went across the street and ate at McDonald’s afterwards before walking back home.

I came home, locked myself in my room, put the CD in my stereo on loud, jumped on my bed. The rest, as they say, is history.

That first-listen. Oh. My. God. What a rush. What a journey.

I was really drawn to all the different musical layers and sound effects within each track, and how Mike’s and Chester’s vocals were crafted around them (not to mention, the gang vocals). The album as a whole was like a journey from cover to cover, and that’s what I love about it the most; It’s mot just a collection of songs that sit together on a disc, but rather it tells a story, lyrically and musically. Much like a lot of Pink Floyd’s work.

As for the artwork, I do miss the days of Joe and Mike handling it, but the art of A Thousand Suns was really well-done. Even more so in the super fan box set. I also found it interesting the way the lyrics acted as their own form of artwork, too. Although, in a couple spots it is kind of difficult to decipher.

Following the tour online from a fan’s standpoint was really interesting as well. It seemed like every night of the tour, the band played a different set list, and they were always moving songs around constantly.

On February 1, 2011, I had my first meet and greet with Linkin Park when they played in Boston. Dave and Mike made that experience great, as they were the first ones in line at the table, and they were the only ones interacting with everyone that came across them.

As for the show itself, the stage was constructed in a V-shape - something I was not used to, along with huge video panels and graphics and imagery from Ghost Town Media. It featured most of the new album, along with all the classics and even a few surprises (like A Place For My Head during Bleed It Out). It was an outstanding show - but that’s Linkin Park, need I say more?

My favorite music videos from A Thousand Suns are The Catalyst and Waiting For The End.

Oh, and they should have released the full version of Iridescent as the single instead of the shorter version that doesn’t do the song justice.


Next real talk suggestion:

LPU 8​.​0 Mmm​.​.​.​Cookies - Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America​!​

Very serious.


For this discussion:

ATS, the first LP album I wasn’t going nuts waiting for it to release. Maybe due to my age or maybe not liking LP as much as I had before, who knows. But the excitement just wasn’t there. Then it did come out and I listened to it and nothing else for at least a solid month. There are songs I will always skip, but there is also songs I jam too it every time it plays. When they come for me, strangely enough I cannot listen to this song without singing Chester’s part at the end, “oooohhh when they come for me…”, fucking love it. Waiting for the end , another favorite, I played this song out on Rock Band. It’s also the ONLY song on that game I sang on. Overall, good album, not my favorite but meh, still like.

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The first time I listened to A Thousand Suns, I definitely remember feeling a little confused by the sounds I was hearing, but couldn’t deny the groove of many of the songs and the message pouring out. I felt like this is an album that you must listen to front to back, otherwise you miss the point of it. The sound of A Thousand Suns is not my favorite of all Linkin Park albums because it still seemed very experimental and not totally consistent, but I do find myself leaving the CD in my car for quite sometime after every time I pop it in because instead of me wanting to hear a few songs over and over again, I’m listening to the whole album through and through. It was definitely successful as a concept album and I love the message behind it, but it doesn’t contain really any of my favorite LP songs except for Waiting for the End.

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I didn’t even post in my own topic yet technically, so here it goes…

Despite this currently being my least favorite Linkin Park album, I was super excited for it. This was the first album release I really got to experience, as I got into the band because of Numb a good while after the Meteora was released, and didn’t really get info the band until after Minutes to Midnight. It was a great album to start at, too, pre-release wise. The puzzles were really interesting and unique, and while I had no part in trying to decipher what they meant, it was fun to see others figure them out.

I over-listened to The Catalyst because of that remix competition, along with everyone trying to piece together what they thought the song would really song like with the limited samples that were given out (along with the handful of takes on what a “nu metal” version would sound like, despite not even hearing the full song yet). Despite that, The Catalyst is my favorite songs on the album, and I would probably put it in the top 15 of all my favorite Linkin Park songs.

I can’t remember how Wretches and Kings got released or announced, but I remember rushing to the library after school to get on their computers and listen to the song because multiple people were saying it sounded like Hybrid Theory before it got publicly released. I thought the name was kinda odd at the time, and it definitely wasn’t “Hybrid Theory”, but I still thought it was decent.

Waiting for the End I distinctly remember sitting in my little sister’s room at my dad’s house so I could reach the neighbor’s Wi-Fi and listen to the 15 second iTunes preview, which I did over and over. At first I didn’t like it because of the slight reggae-type vocals from Mike, but now I would probably call it my second favorite album.

As for the rest of the songs, I think When They Come for Me is the only one that really stood out to me. There are others I enjoy on the album, but not to a big extent.

I went to my second Linkin Park concert during this time period, on January 28th, 2011. I would also probably say it was my least favorite concert, but I’ve only been to three, and your first concert has to be high on your list, and my most recent, I was really close and got a Meet & Greet. The concert was still great, though! I got a hoodie and a tour shirt, even though they were super expensive. The next morning at the hotel, since the concert was out of state, when we were leaving, someone else in the elevator had the same hoodie on as me, and it was kinda cool and awkward at the same time.

I’ll agree with @evooba and say the music videos were nothing special. The Catalyst video was great, Waiting for the End was eh, and Burning in the Skies is one of my least favorite videos they’ve done (and I don’t really count Iridescent, as it was a Transformers tie-in). I remember people not even believing that the BITS video was official because I believe it leaked, and it had little to no band member footage. All that aside, I have read theories that the music videos represent a nuke going off in reverse order, though. BITS was before and as it happened, WFTE was during, and The Catalyst was the aftermath. The “Making Of” was pretty great. I still wish we would get those for every album.

The thing that annoys me the most about this album is actually the discs. Why is the writing on them white when the disc is white? It seems like a stupid complaint, but I just don’t get it.

To finish this off, I still don’t understand the album cover. It’s interesting, I guess, but what is it. Is it supposed to be a sun?

I learned something new today. I never even knew there was any kind of text on the actual disc. I just held the CD under the light of my laptop to see it.

One other thing I failed to add to my post…On the clean version of the album, the last “mother fucker” in When They Come For Me was untouched.

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I should have mentioned that. I’ve got the censored one and the last one is indeed still there.

Hahaha!! That’s hysterical!