[insert totally nifty topic here]

So… I’m bored and felt like starting a random topic that doesn’t really have a topic. Just to post random stuff and have fun with.

Look, Chester and Mike seem to dig it:


Nearly every topic spirals into random stuff anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I’ve been doing this lately:

Not the original chat, it’s a recreation. Sorry it’s so slow, had two windows open trying to think what I haven’t shown yet

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think @TripleXero is right, oh my god, what a fright, as your chat test gonna do the noise, binggg, tschtsch, costs a lot to find out, what has happend to my notebook, haha lol
btw today is super marios 30th birthday, I listened right now at th radio, @gatsie I even feel right now, how much I missed you, yeah, I´m totally with you, it is no Topic, so we don´t need to ost OT, cause it´s all inside, all themes allowed!!! Great idea @gatsie :heart: (btw, have a look at the topic Deborah Arena made, we´ve to support I think, :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: love you!!!)

I miss that chat.


Hi @The_early_walker
Apparently it’s Chester Bennington avatar.


Oh wow! My friend made this photo… never thought I’d see it anywhere lol

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Yes, I didn´t known it before, so for me it is a real new experience, I´m glad about these freeness, btw Eva, @Evooba Can you understand the messages in my post or is it almost so bad (my english) that I´m not understanable???

I bought the new Mario game. It’s pretty fun so far

@TripleXero, have fun with it, enjoy… So for gods sake he´s stil FUNNY and giving us good lol times to remember…

No, all good :wink:

(I just wanted to use this gif :laughing:)

But I really never got the hype behind Mario, I always found it very boring :confused:

Just some days ago found this old joke. Feel like a little kid always laughing at this :smiley:


This one has been around for a while but I can improve on it:


It looks like MIke is a vampire (or some other supernatural being. jkjk - Halloween comes early for me); I can’t see the whites of his eyes in the photo.


The hardest part about remaking this whole thing is that tiny scrollbar. It took forever to make and it’s still not fully functional. But it’s almost done, and you can barely tell the difference between it and the real thing. Biggest thing missing right now is the iconic similes, which are going to take the most work to add


Tried the ketchup?

Pikachu sure loves the ketchup :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, so Super Mario turned 30?

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