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Don’t misunderstand me but have you thought about the mess this kind of threads could generate? I mean ALL LP stuff in ONE thread?! Don’t know, it could be confusing for some people. IMO the forum is fine as it is.

Uh, it’d be the opposite of mess, but yeah, old dogs and all that.

Would you explain how you see it, please? I’m curious.

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My pleasure. I saw it as a Linkin Park chat thread, so anyone could post a question or thought with others in a single place. Including songs / pictures with the idea that others would discuss these collectively (hence my first post was about the ‘It’s Going Down’ video so others would discuss their thoughts on this. I was also going to say I love Chester’s cameos! He was just pure coolness). And so on.

If you never try something you’ll never know if it works and whether indeed it causes more mess or less :wink:

Not sure if this is a jab, but, ok.

I normally do not discuss into detail why I close threads, but I’ll humor you for this one.

  1. Redundant. You essentially made a forum inside a forum. You can call it chat, but it will never be a chat.
  2. You made it in “The Underground”, which technically is supposed to be just LPU related threads, but the description makes it seem other wise. it would have been better suited in “Linkin Park”.
  3. Many have tried what you have, they didn’t work then, and I don’t see it working now. It just gets to complicated to follow and eventually is just spam.(Granted a lot of forum ends up that way, but why add to it.)

If you still think it can work, and you really believe in it, I’ll open it back and up and give it a week. If it’s thriving, it can stay open. If not and it’s dead or just spam, I’ll send it to oblivion. Let me know what you want me to do.


I wasn’t part of this but just wanted to chime in.

I think a topic for general Linkin Park things that are just one-off remarks or simple questions that don’t deserve their own topic seems like an ok idea. Stuff like “what song has the lyrics ‘blah blah blah’” get answered immediately then the topic gets no further replies, has no where to go from there, and then it dies. Having a central topic just for that would avoid 100s of 2 reply topics. I also feel like Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion! or [insert totally nifty topic here] already kind of exist to fill that role, even though they aren’t strictly Linkin Park focused.

The problem with this one is that it seems like it’s trying to be much bigger than that.

Music, artwork, stories, new merch, questions, and performances are or could be their own categories or topics on the forum, to funnel that all in one spot is just asking for confusion. I honestly feel like the mega-topic I made for Post Traumatic ended up this way and that was a much more refined set of things to discuss, but a lot of it still could have been its own discussions within #ms.

I also agree @derek’s point with the chat thing.I know there have been a few “chat” topics that got a decent amount of user involvement, but forums aren’t really designed to have one person post several times in a row in the span of less than a day, the topics close when they get too many posts. I know there isn’t an official chat anymore, so you have to use what you’ve got, and off-site solutions like, Discord, or Whatsapp can only do so much, but I don’t think “chat” topics are the way to go. I’d love to propose LPU add a chat back again, even if the band doesn’t chat on it






@zanybelle’s in trouuuuu-bleeeeee


It also helps if people[spoiler] (n00bs) [/spoiler]learn how to use the search function.


@derek not a jab, just a saying us Brits use when new things are shut down before they’ve had a chance. I wasn’t aware this had already been done. I’m pretty new here so that’s why I asked about it. Trust me I’ve searched and couldn’t find a specific space for LP discussion and “sharing” - maybe suggest an existing thread that is LP specific and I’ll start something off there instead? Some users were discussing LP stuff it in ‘What are you doing’ thread and there were a few of us who suggested we should have a Linkin Park thread (for discussion and lyrics and pictures). My description was too broad, granted, also I should have said it was unofficial as whatever is said isn’t technically official so my bad there (I have amended this).

This was the idea really. However, it’s more about intelligent chat for any LP related topic. For example my second question to spark some chat was going to be the Hybrid Theory album artwork as I find it fascinating. Also, about particular albums and why they are unpopular. I wouldn’t want to create a thread for each of these discussions, that’s just messy and annoying. Others users had similar interesting LP discussions they prompted on off-topic threads recently so it wasn’t my idea/suggestion. I’d hope they would prompt some questions or share something cool.

If you don’t mind? I can’t guarantee anyone will reply but I’ll certainly be posting stuff (gosh, let’s see how unpopular I really am!). It isn’t for chat like discord (which is dead), it’s just a central space for LP questions people want to discuss or share lyrics/pictures or videos for others to enjoy. Sure we can post them on other off-topic threads but not everyone follows those so might not see an LP question or cool thingy!!! :grin:

I’m waiting for my “You’ve been banned, kindly fuck off” email :roll_eyes:

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:rofl: hey, kindly extricate your posterior from within this location :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ehmm In all seriousness I think it’ll just become what the chat room is now, spam… the what are you doing now topic is pretty cool in and of itself for this very reason and I think nobody sees it as bad, you’d basically be doubling the topic up because inevitably, the conversations turn no matter the topic

Isn’t that every thread?

That was my point

No matter the topic, there’s always noise from random conversations
A lot of times, as it happens in the “what are you doing” thread, it’s little snippets of LP noise and that’s fine
I think it’s the natural progression or reaction within the forum :man_shrugging:t2:


Maybe… if you follow those off-topic threads. Again they are designed for discussing what YOU are doing not really Linkin Park stuff or questions/opinions. I’m starting to think, hey, maybe nobody wants to discuss Linkin Park on a Linkin Park forum. Figures. :pensive:

I love that word!

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I guess you’re seeing the wrong topics. Yeah lately we don’t talk about LP as we used to, but some people still doing it. I mean, some games, some artworks, etc are based in LP.

Maybe start a discussion about a fact of LP that isn’t so common and at the same time interesting could be the answer. I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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There’s only so much you can discuss :grimacing: the guys get pretty boring after a while :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I be the titanic captain waiting for the wave of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for saying that :joy:

At least I got one thing to your liking :joy:

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These are the exact types of discussions that deserve their own topics. They seem like lasting ideas that people can come back to or join in on as they please. If you have mini-discussions like this in a single topic, one that has passed is going to be difficult to go back to or talk about without several conversations happening at once.

Are you referring to the Discord server that I made? Because that isn’t exactly dead and seems like a weird thing to bring up

This is something that I’ve noticed as well. It’s hard to say “stop being kind to each other and having friendly conversation” but topics get way off topic too often


Recruit rob for that purpose only lol


I feel like some people might be hungry (or desperate?) for something new from Linkin Park co. (news, music etc etc) to keep things interesting around here since the band is in a state of inactivity.

I’ve never really liked how this version of the message boards is formatted, either. I often refer to the old vBulletin boards (pre-LPUX). The categories were more prominent, and there were more sub-categories, and those forums (in a layout sense) were more cleaner and easier to navigate.

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I miss the old forums.

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For me, I actually would like more talking about LP music, album, songs, lyrics. But for one, I was comfortable to have it in the what are you doing topic.
And second, still not sure if I want to participate more, cause my thoughts and feelings on this matters are very personal, private and not for open judgement.
And I prefer to keep my mouth shut, as to get my thoughts disassembled.

This for example is such a hard judgement.
The active people there may be even younger then here and consequently live things differently, but to call them dead?
And it for sure not respects the work @jFar920 puts in there.

Just wonder why? :upside_down_face: