*Unofficial* Linkin Park thread

A new little thread for all Linkin Park music, artwork, stories and discussion. Share your thoughts with others. Got some new merch? Show us! Wanna ask an LP question? Go ahead. Post artwork/pics, videos and performances so we can all delight in your fandom.

Everyone welcome (^∇^)ノ♪


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Everyone, please feel free to post any Linkin Park stuff here! Does anyone remember watching this video endlessly on MTV? Mike is so in the zone in this. Anyway, this song alone gives me hope for the future of Linkin Park…


Isn’t this essentially condensing the entire forum to a single thread? :joy:


I think the forum is largely general chat and games with some LP chat woven in for good measure :laughing:

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Yea. I feel like there’s already separate threads for all of those things.

Well, now you have another one…


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I like this thread!:blush:it’s like whenever you have something lp-related in mind like something about lyrics or pictures or whatever but don’t have the time/can’t find the perfect place to say it,you can come here. We will just see how it works​:blush::heart_eyes:

For me,also this song does that, it’s kind of like the sound of Linkin Park without chester, and just the other 5 guys​:thinking::heart: :


Yes it is.


The portal has opened! Dibs on first post!
@derek I still think that elevator game from that time the spammer was closing topics was super fun :roll_eyes:
You should consider popping in to open/close stuff occasionally :sweat_smile:

Ot: what y’all think of mike putting his stamp on that new song? :thinking: you can sooooo tell it’s him behind the sounds


I call second place. :joy:


Well done @derek - I’m third :joy:

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So this is the thread for lyric-talks and something like that? :blush:

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Yes, was supposed to be- before it became the portal game vol. 2

cough cough :joy::joy:

@derek Thank you so much! :grinning:

@the_termin8r Don’t ruin this for me :roll_eyes: we share the same air, that should count for something! :laughing:

@framos1792 totally on topic. I think Clockwatch sounds really chilled and you can hear Mike in it. I think he must’ve had a lot of fun doing it, his first musical love. :heart:

Yes! Please post lyrics or any LP discussion :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@theearlywalker games have to be LP specific :laughing:

Long story short, we’re back, unofficially (time limit possible if nobody responds :pleading_face: !!!)

@HakManLP @drounzer @Linkineli @lplove @theearlywalker @anna834 @StephLP18 @anomalia @framos1792 @rickvanmeijel (sorry if I tagged you and you don’t want to join in) Just to get the ball rolling, really wanted to know your top 7 LP albums in order of preference. Mine would be:

#1. Hybrid Theory and Meteora (two sides of the same coin in my view - typical old school fan choice)
#2. Reanimation (sometimes I wanna put this at #1 !!! :metal: )
#3. Living Things (most heartfelt and poignant lyrically)
#4. The Hunting Party (I like this interpretation: “The title The Hunting Party is a contextual metaphor: Linkin Park is the party that is hunting to bring back the energy and soul of rock.” Rock on! :metal: )
#5. Minutes To Midnight (politically good - stick it to the man!)
#6. A Thousand Suns (mostly because of The Messenger, overall I’m still unsure about this album… particularly certain songs which seem anti-stuff)
#7. One More Light (I love/hate this album… so mixed feelings :confused: :broken_heart:).


Rtr live at Milton Keynes
Cookies ep

And no worries @zanybelle - the portal game thread was a completely different story… this thread- once reopened ( whyever) won’t normally close again :+1:t2:


MTM(i find it soo amazing and genius,and how there are songs like Given up and LOATR immediately after each other,and that it came after HT and meteora was important so they were more experimental i think)
ATS(it’s beautiful,i love concept albums and Iridescent is one of my favourite favourite songs😁)
HT and meteora(as @zanybelle said,kind of two sides of the same coin; i listen more often to the other first albums i mentioned but when i need this music it’s just perfect,i think you all know what i mean)
Living things(i feel bad for putting this so low,but i mean rating the albums, the differences of how much i love one album more than the other is 0.01% and LP wasn’t LP without any of all their masterpieces ,so​:grin: also castle of glass and burn it down were the first songs i heard by them and how i became a fan,and burn it down was the first english song i could sing and rap every word along​:heart_eyes::muscle::joy:so LT always has a special place​:blue_heart:and as you also said, @zanybelle, lyrically so beautiful )
OML(i love it,but cannot always listen to it and i love the other albums more)
I am not sure about MTM before ATS,but yeah that’s my order so far
@theearlywalker i love that you named cookies ep :heart_eyes::joy::hugs:


LPU 12
LPU 10
LPU 14