Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion!

just bringing back the random thoughts thread, like a boss!

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Everyone should check out the show “Happy Endings” and give it a couple of episodes. The chemistry between the characters is awkwardly fantastic.

The beautiful man that is my avi is David Muir. [heart] He is the weekend anchor of ABC World News and I absolutely adore him.

bows :smiley:

Go watch Dexter


Lol this!!! :smiley:

bows :smiley:

ANA!!! glomps

bows :smiley:

hugs everrybody

Gotta love Random Thoughts.

Finished my last exam today, time to buy Skyrim.

“Yes You Shall Obey Us” Back Masking One Step Closer :smiley:

didnt take it. feelign wast right… oh well, better follow your guts

I’m back, finally [lol]

I was given a code for a month’s trial, but that has no access to the boards. Now I’ve properly renewed.

why do our departments start with 3 and abercrombie’s with 1 ?

tonight is gonna be crazzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I kind hate that the reply button is at the top of the page instead of the bottom. LOL (small complaint)
My life has been David Muir all day everyday since July and I regret nothing! [biggrin]

Lot of work to do, exams coming up and I’m hungry :open_mouth:

Holidays next week! :smiley: