What are you doing right now?


Listening to Dave Gahan - Kingdom (Live at Hourglass Studio Sessions)
A brilliant song and if you haven’t heard of him or any of the work he does with Depeche Mode or Soulsavers, go and check them out!

It is break time and I am EXTREMELY tired. Writing lyrics.

I’m watching tv getting ready for bed :sleeping:

Brainstorming ideas.

Also, is it just me, or has the “Random Thoughts” thread disappeared?

(I linked it, but it’s not visible elsewhere.)

Maybe it’s your side only @LP13413?

Going back home from school.

For whatever reason, I’m not seeing listed in the main hub with the other threads, or anywhere, for that matter.

dunno, seems that it’s your side only bug

I just woke up… sick. And I have to leave for work in half an hour, how awesome!

@evooba damn… take care of yourself!

Chemistry revision while listening to music.

And one by LP

Wrong forum…you know what… (walks off cliff)

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It ask what I’m doing right now so I’m saying it and I’ll say it again @intheend.



Your acting like a 1 year old right now please stop.

Right now I’m doing nothing. Trying to play a game, it’s loading slow ;-;

Just on Facebook and Twitter.

Just passing by to say hello… :wave:

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@intheend I think that @coolcat96 doesn’t know that you’re actually 7. Oh well… I like the la la la laaahhh game.

I just got back from work. Excited to have my boring dinner, then a tea and go to bed.