Hurricane Matthew

This storm has got me a little freaked out. It is predicted that it is going to hit Florida twice and all of Florida is going to be touched by it. They already evacuated Brevard county, the county I grew up in. I live in Bradenton now, but I still have family and friends who live in Brevard. Last time I checked this was a Category 4 hurricane that looks like a demon from a satellite. Please, keep us in your thoughts. This is going to be rough.

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I heard it on the news. I pray you guys will be safe during this storm.

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It’s on the news here as well, they said it hit Haiti and the Bahamas and that the situation there is critical, many deaths and damages. No mention of it hitting the US though, they said it’d be just a storm by the time it reaches there.

@gatsie Thank you.

@evooba Poor Haiti. That is the last thing they needed. I just heard about the Bahamas this afternoon. According to our news we are going to start to feel it around 2pm today. Storms are pretty hard to predict. All you can do is prepare for the worse. We just got over a tropical storm that flooded us for a good week.

Yeah, you’ve had it rough with all the floods lately too. Hope this one isn’t as bad as they say and it dies down.

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@evooba The news just updated. It is still a category 4. The timing changed to tomorrow and Friday.

We, in Bradenton, are under Tropical Storm warning now. Its pouring now. I just found out from the news there is another one, Nicole headed straight for us too. If it combines with Matthew we are going to be screwed. Matthew is on it’s way to Brevard county as I am typing this. They are already beginning to evacuate. As far as Bradenton, they haven’t spoken anything about evacuation. I am worried about flooding. My mom said there are still roads that are still flooded from the last time we had a Tropical storm.

ill keep you guys in my prayers @jessicarister

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Not sure how bad it is for real, but the news here report that Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are evacuating cause of severe weather warnings. Hope y’all stay safe.

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The news is talking about it becoming a category 5. My father-in-law evacuated to Tenn to stay with a friend of the family’s. It looks like it’s going to hit us as well as Brevard.

It’s supposed to hit Florida sometime tonight.

We are safe. As far Brevard I’m still awaiting news.


I heard that it got to 295 MPH

@the_termin8r Yes, it got pretty bad. I’m not sure yet on the damage it caused. We got very little rain. Bradenton is about an hour away from Tampa. On FB my friends are saying they are safe. I heard in went down to a Cat 3.

I heard that the eyewall still hasn’t made landfall yet:

Glad you are safe!

@samuel_the_leader Yes I heard that too afterwards. I did see some pictures of Melbourne, the city I previously lived, and it was pretty flooded. There was some building damage and a lot of people don’t have power. It looks like it is not done, yet according to the news.

@AJ_7 Thank you

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Looks like landfall is not gonna happen:

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