I'm just wondering what is everyone favorite album from linkin park

what are you favorite album . Mine is meteora and hybrid theory.

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Will can I please explain something to you I’m new to all of this so if I’m trying to do that then I’m sorry ok I’m just trying to make friends ok I’m new. So I’m sorry. I’m just wondering what other people like ok.

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I’m new to all of this ok this is new to me so then explain to me what is similar to this I’m using. I did not see others doing this. So I guess I made a mistake. Sorry

Chill, I’m just letting you know. You can always search for a topic before creating one, just in case someone else already has.

I understand i’m upset with u im just new this that it. :slight_smile::blush:

I im sorry if you think i was upset.

My favorite linkin park album is hybrid theory and meteora :grinning:


My favorite is A Thousand Suns. By far their most beautiful and creative album. Would’ve been perfect if they added a few more songs and less prelude/interlude tracks, however those are good also.


@annejprado thoses are my favorite too
same thing in common:grin:

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oh ok I have to listen to that album right now i’m listen to few songs from different album.
what are the song on that album. :slight_smile:

My favorite ones are Burning in the Skies, When they Come for me, Waiting For the End :slight_smile: oh and make sure you listen to it from start to finish to get the full experience.


i love all their music. Picking favorites is a difficult thing to do, and typically my favorite varies based on my mood

@fernandocarrillo i love the music it is good i love the song waiting for the end and the rest is good :slight_smile:to.

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@silentstagepunk I understand what you’re saying right now it hard to find what song to pick and love, but then you fall in love with all of their songs that they make. For example a few weeks ago it was my first time listening to lost in the echo and few day after I fall in love:heart_eyes: with the song omg it was so amazing. LINKIN PARK FOREVER!: blush: Few days I heard a song that was very old from them and I’m wondering if you heard it. I"ll give you a example if you want me to.

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ammm I think my favorite albums are Meteora (because the first Linkin Park’s song that I listened to was Numb) and the other one is Living Things (I have no particular reason for that) :sweat_smile:

Hi there! :sunglasses: I also like Meteora :nerd:. What is your favorite song btw? I can’t decide mine, I’m between Somewhere I belong and Don’t Stay.

Ooooooohhhhhh OK,:blush: I listen to certain songs from them all the time.

It is hard for me as well to choose song from them because they are all so good to me. I have many songs that I like and albums to but my favorite song is points of authority. I love numb and hit the floor and also lying from you and lastly somewhere I belong I always sing that song. My favorite album is hybrid theory and meteroa. Love both of them. Sorry for the paragraph I think I went far. :blush::sweat_smile::relaxed::relaxed:

Okie, sure :relaxed: