Let's all be true about this

How many time have you listen to a Linkin park song that is stuck in your head and you can not stop listening to it?

Because one time I have to listen to lost in the echo and I played that song so much that now it can’t come out of my head and now it is my phone ringtone. :sweat_smile:


I don’t think it has ever happened to me, at least not with LP songs. It has with other random songs.

@evooba it could be any song because I know this is not rock related but I also love to listen to Michael Jackson a lot and all of his songs I love from him.:blush:

To me, it usually happens with songs I don’t know. For example, if a song is playing at work, it might get stuck in my mind, even though I might not know which song it is.

@evooba Hey, that happen to me a lot I don’t know way. But I do understand what your saying tho.

That’s happened to me with every LP song at some point.

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@pnthr I understand what your saying some times I hate that.

For me usually I’ll get hung up on a certain lyric that makes me think, then I start to hear the melody, then I feel the urge to listen to that song a lot. This happened to me recently with “If I Believe You” by the 1975. The lyric was,
“And I had a revelation
I’ll be your child if you insist
I mean if it was you that made my body you probably shouldn’t have made me atheist.”
I love that line and honestly I haven’t stopped listening to that song. It’s truly a piece of art, I reccomend it. Similar experiences with songs include my favorite song of all time “Waiting For The End,” “21 Questions” by Waterparks, “Who Do You Love” by Marianas Trench (My other favorite song of all time. It’s a tie, really.), and “Cancer” by My Chemical Romance.

@Im_Normal I know because I have heard a song from Michael Jackson it is a old and it called "heartbreaker"and the beat and the song is nice I love it so much i love 70s to 90s songs as well by him.

Next I love a song by Linkin park I think it from the LP underground song it is called " And One" and also " Part of me" I love theses I did not know that they made older song to on till now true story. :blush::slight_smile:

This typically happens whenever I hear new songs from LP, in which case I overplay them like crazy over 6000 times till I get sick of it for awhile ha

@siebs yeah I understand but that happens to me when i hear different music but when it come to LP music It is hard for me to stop because like i said when i hear “and one” and “part of me” by them the old songs it just get addicting to me. sorry but I think you guys would disagree abut this

sometimes i will just keep one of their songs on repeat because it’s been stuck in my head or it fits my emotions and it takes forever to stop thinking about that song for me XD they never get old to me though. And that’s rare. A lot of music would get old if played on repeat

this might sound deep but how can you find a song that fit with your emotions I feel that these type of music that I listen to they just get stuck in my head. how do people find themselves with that music or relate to that? I can’t find myself like that it just get stuck in my head.

how can you find yourself with that music? why do you feel that it understands your emotion? how can you relate to it?

is this a good question because i want to put it on the forum.

Having this happen is not weird to me at all, but does anyone wake up with a song already in their head? That happens to me all the time. I don’t sleep with the radio on or anything. It just happens. shrug

I know what your talking sleeping and the song is stuck in your that is the worst because it does not come out at sometimes.

This might sound weird but one time I was listening to a song and it got stuck in my head when I went to sleep but that not the weirdest part of it I sometimes get nightmares from it and it only happens when i listen to rock music literally.

It’s usually songs that have catchy lyrics like in the end and what I’ve done. Like today, I had the chorus of ‘Waiting For The End’ in my head throughout my law class and started singing while we was doing the work. When my teacher asked me about why I was singing, I told her about the bands new album being released soon and with her being a fan of LP since Hybrid Theiry, she started singing ‘In the End’. :wink::smiley:

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WOW! even teacher love Linkin Park

but don’t get me started but “one step closer” get stuck in my head lot

sometimes it just get so annoying that l literally want to “break”.

I was wearing a LP shirt one day (shocking, huh) and my math teacher was like “Hey that used to be my favorite band in high school! Maybe you’ll end up like me” and i had a face of death :joy: cuz i def don’t wanna be a teacher but it was funny. She also commented on the reaction i had.

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there be teaher telling kids " your going to be just like me " that when kids look and walk away and say " in your dream pal".

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There are some teachers in my school that like my music. Sometimes, I have a chat to them while others in my class are doing my work. In total, 6 teachers have with heard of Linkin park, listen to them at a regular basis or both. I have even intriduced them to my old form tutor and is obsessed with the album “Living Things”

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