Hello, I dont usually post on forums


I loved chester and linkin park has pushed me through the darkest days of my life. I dont know what to do with that as the passing of Chester has created a void in my life that i cannot fill.

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Linkin Park Forum Clean-Up Crew

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome :smile:


Welcome to the family,:yellow_heart::blush: you’re right here because with us you’ll hardly feel alone again, just go on reaching out… we‘re happy to have you here and that you broke your habbits of not posting :+1:t2:

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Welcome to the LPU! Just start looking around and see which conversations you’d like to take part in. Don’t hesitate to join us, you can talk about anything over here :slight_smile:

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Welcome!! We’re glad to have you here! feel free to join us in any conversation you want… :smile: :grin: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:

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Welcome to The LPU


Welcome. If you haven’t posted anywhere by now, now you will get addicted to posting on here. :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s what happened to me


Hi you, did you try Mike´s solo album or concert? I know, it is not LP, but it helped me a little bit :heart:

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Welcome to the LPU forum!
Maybe you will find things to fill the void you have by talking to people on this forum. There is lots of love and friendship here, it can help you. :blush:

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Welcome. We’re happy to have you with us. We’ve all felt, and sometimes still feel, exactly what you are experiencing. Reach out and talk to us. Everyone here is awesome!!

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Welcome to lpunderground glad you decided to chat with us :grinning:



Enjoy your stay if you so desire. We don’t bite…much.


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome buddy. Why don’t you post on forums regularly?


I appreciate the warm welcomes. Thank u everyone!!