An article and a thank you note


I wanted to share this article with you…
I have a similar illness and had the same experience as the lady in the article.
But, what the selfhelp group means to her, LPU means to me… here I have found my “strangersfriends”
So thank you everybody for giving a little bit sense to my otherwise “senseless” life

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Dear @Fravaco - I’m happy you’ve had the trust to share about your disease here with us and that you experience this place as a pool full of love, strength and understanding :blush: and it definetly is. Besides this you can have a lot of fun here too :crazy_face:

I’ve myself a long story of illness in my life after a car accident at the age of 6, the muscles and nerves connetion from my right arm to the spine got cut due to this accident and I cannot move my right arm ever since this happened… over the years I developed a serious chronical pain illness and further issues due to the unsymmetrical movement habits that I was forced to have …

I learned a lot about how people and how hard life can be myself- probably that’s a reason why my connection with the music of LP is so strong- the lyrics always make me feel understood and right and gave me the safety that I‘m not alone…

And so does this place ever since I joined this platform back in 2014, I was here daily since then and it’s one of the things that keep me moving on and strong… over the years I met quite a few soldiers in Europe and America and it was same quality of relation as I knew it from here…

It’s only wonderful that we all have a place here to meet up, to share bad and good news, to find someone who listens no matter what time it is and to get hugs, love and strength whenever you need it- or to be of help, love and understanding whenever I can be :blush::muscle:t2::sunny::sunny::sunny:

Feelings can not distinguish weather it’s real life or virtual - and this is great. I’m happy to have you here, sending you strength and hugs and I hope you can feel this :muscle:t2::hugs:


Thank you @Fravaco and @theearlywalker for sharing!
I think you are really great, strong people!
Stay that way and thank you for being here!


Thank you @anna834 :heart:

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I can relate to that… I have an illness called Guillain Barré Syndrome. It basicly shuts down the entire nerveous system. I was totally paralyzed for months and after that I spend a long time in a wheelchair. But even now, 13 years later, I still have daily heavy pains … And the side issues are terrible. The disease still keeps randomly shutting parts of my body. This caused a serious problem with my arteries over the last 2 years… Every day I am waiting for what will be next…



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Thank you for your trust @Fravaco and I so glad that you come here @theearlywalker thank you for sharing your story with us and I agree with all that you have said

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