My last post probably

No no no, I get the or something, not you.

What’s happening here??

You didn’t answer the question though

We want something but we’re not getting it

We’re just waiting for the end


Lmao we all know there is no real something, but seriously, where’s the prize?

I’m more just here for the pure entertainment of this :joy::joy:



But I said, I want my or something.

No, we don’t want something, we want or something.

But there has to an or something.

Nothing. :joy:


I hope the or something is a probe then :joy:


lmao :joy: agree 100% with @justinkilmer and sure thing I want a “or something” too @LEUNRPHANTOM (I should have known it from the start, a nickname all caps… that´s already an “or something” :rofl:"

Thanks @LEUNRPHANTOM for bringing this tune back to my ears
There is something added like some … NOISE !!!
whoever exported it the volume was too high (red peak)

still… what a song…
till we get the prize we’ll be holding on to what we haven’t got!

…or something :stuck_out_tongue:

The prize is a very good image of a dog here it is you deserve it. THICC I made this myself

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You’re joking right?

@chigokurosaki, you got toally scammed :joy:

What about the or something, @LEUNRPHANTOM ?

Here download%20(15)EEEGEGGEGS

Dafuq is that?

Nah just kidding here is the real thing. f567b9203e426bf9fd23afac Background

I thought it was going to be a real something

Anyone can go online a pull up a picture of a dog


EDIT. I just did


@StephLP18, you simpleton, don’t you get it? The art is in finding a picture of dog with downs syndrome that’s had an anvil land on its face. :joy:

What about the other pictures?

:man_facepalming: can I at least get a cat instead?

P.s. looks like my prize is still better than your or something :joy:

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Better @chigokurosaki