My last post probably

If you can find out why I posted this and find out what’s different in the song you hear I will message you and give you a prize or something.

What’s the prize and what’s the something?

Another new thread? You seem to can’t resist, right? And I don’t believe you at all that this should be the last time kiddo …

You dared to click the link @the_termin8r??


Hell no. LMAO

But I want the prize or something though.


LMAO :joy:


All it is is WFTE, so where’s the prize?

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I want the or something.

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Sure thing, but the prize is mine. :sunglasses:

Idk how to even describe what is different. Instrumentals seem a bit quieter compared to the voices… Or it kinda feels like it’s more “surrounding” you… or it’s more ambient… The overall sound quality is different but it’s hard to put words to.

A virus. Run a scan, mate. :joy:

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Sounded more echoing to me when Mike and Chester were singing. And the sound was a little different, but not very different from the original version.

I’d hate to get the or something then. Maybe he’ll come probe you or something. :joy:

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I suppose we’ll see soon enough. @LEUNRPHANTOM, I want my or something!

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It’s Waiting for the End @LEUNRPHANTOM

Where’s my something

I agree with you on this
@LEUNRPHANTOM I don’t know how many times we have to tell this even @jFar920 told you this as well we give so many chances I don’t know what else to say

No no no, I get the or something, not you.

What’s happening here??

You didn’t answer the question though

We want something but we’re not getting it

We’re just waiting for the end


Lmao we all know there is no real something, but seriously, where’s the prize?