My last post probably

I’m more just here for the pure entertainment of this :joy::joy:



But I said, I want my or something.

No, we don’t want something, we want or something.

But there has to an or something.

Nothing. :joy:


I hope the or something is a probe then :joy:


lmao :joy: agree 100% with @justinkilmer and sure thing I want a “or something” too @LEUNRPHANTOM (I should have known it from the start, a nickname all caps… that´s already an “or something” :rofl:"

Thanks @LEUNRPHANTOM for bringing this tune back to my ears
There is something added like some … NOISE !!!
whoever exported it the volume was too high (red peak)

still… what a song…
till we get the prize we’ll be holding on to what we haven’t got!

…or something :stuck_out_tongue:

The prize is a very good image of a dog here it is you deserve it. THICC I made this myself

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You’re joking right?

@chigokurosaki, you got toally scammed :joy:

What about the or something, @LEUNRPHANTOM ?

Here download%20(15)EEEGEGGEGS

Dafuq is that?

Nah just kidding here is the real thing. f567b9203e426bf9fd23afac Background

I thought it was going to be a real something

Anyone can go online a pull up a picture of a dog


EDIT. I just did


@StephLP18, you simpleton, don’t you get it? The art is in finding a picture of dog with downs syndrome that’s had an anvil land on its face. :joy:

What about the other pictures?

:man_facepalming: can I at least get a cat instead?

P.s. looks like my prize is still better than your or something :joy:

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Better @chigokurosaki