Freaked out about the time I should get to the venue

Guys this is the first time I go to a concert where I don’t have a seat. I am so freaked out about not being able to get fresh air, or to be smooshed…plus, if you don’t want to leave you coat in the coat room (gigantic queues) can I keep it with me?!

btw what time are you guys going? I am talking about the show in the Roundhouse


Take good shoes and a warm hoodie. You can fix the hoodie at your hip, so you don´t need the coat room. I always take a fanny pack with some candies. And believe me: the adrenaline will do its job! You will be a part of the LP family and enjoy it!!!


@blinky7 is right!
I went to my first concert last year, I spent something like 10 hours under the sunlight (of June) and I was so scared because hot climate has a really bad effect on me. Except for a little sunburn on my nose, everything was fine! Just bring some water and sugar…and yeah, comfortable shoes!!
And trust me, during the concert you won’t feel ANYTHING but excitement and joy. You will just feel your heart coming out your chest. That’s all!
Don’t worry and just enjoy c:


If you’re happy to stand towards the back you won’t be smooshed ( to be honest I don’t think the MS crowd is very pushy anywat). You can of course keep you’re stuff with you, and if you’re standing back from the crowd it shouldn’t be an issue. Don’t fret! You’ll have a great time.