If you wanted to time travel?

Possible tell them all of their future music where Lp will be saying wtf.

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Someone would like to revive this thread? :slight_smile:


Lol if I could go back on time I would go back 2 years so I could post on this thread while it was still relevant.


I would go back 2 years and make sure we didn’t have to revive this thread today

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Alright :joy:

I’ll add this to be closed :upside_down_face:


I’d like to be at the creation of Universe, so I’ll be rich and famous for having found out what was before it :joy:

I’d like to see Jane Austen

And of course first Linkin Park concert and then all the performances they made and possibly record the one in which they played “Pictureboard”

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If you want be be rich and famous, go back and invent the transistor.

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Why can’t I do both?

Oh what a sad story
I’ll miss this in the future
So I can go back and save it

Thanks for the reminder. I nearly forgot

:scream: internal scream

Go back in time go back in time go back in time!

I’d go to 2017 and stop Chester from committing suicide. I wish I had that right.

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I’d set the machine on “loop” and fix it on the date of their concert in Athens in 2009!
May the rest of you go on, i’m staying there in an infinite loop!
breaks machine

That’s a bit hard question, because that moment was devastating and Chester was a wonderful soul but if Chester was still here with us there wouldn’t be so much awareness about mental health as now, there probably won’t be the LP Family as we know it, the guys wouldn’t be who they are now and they wouldn’t get stronger through the pain… But the story isn’t made by “if” and “maybe”

Waiting for the thread to be closed by now


No special reason. But I want to back to my school time travel. Which was really enjoying without an Android device.

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2002…But only if I could take the knowledge I have now with me.


2010! Idve done the terminator route, ditched the girl, locked myself up at college far away, and would’ve grinded it out and have been out by now :joy:
Have seen LP at that one concert that year… would’ve kept friends, ditches others, damn hindsight would be useful :upside_down_face:


I’d travel in ancient years to see how things were then or 1000 years from now to see the technology of the future…

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Like your strong voice. Carry on!