LA - Where can I pay my respects?


I am unbelievably lucky to be going to LA in a couple of months, I would love to pay my respects to Chester while I am there but can’t find anywhere for fans to go. If anyone knows where I can go without intruding on his family or the rest of LP I would be very grateful to know about it.
Keeping my fingers crossed there is somewhere!

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I don’t know, maybe @framos1792 does.


While you’re there visit the Hollywood Bowl. I flew from New York to see the band play their memorial to Chester Bennington there October 27, 2017. Even though you can only see the band’s performance on YouTube now, it would be a fitting place to visit.


The Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard also has a Rockwalk in the entrance way, where you can find all the band members’ hand prints.

Just recently, there was a little-known plaque that was added to Christine Emerson Reed Park in Santa Monica (the original Lincoln Park they took their name from) by a fan.

In the Sherman Oaks area, there was also a place called Rock’n Pies, and the back entrance had a mural of Chester above the door. As far as I know though (since I live in Central New York and haven’t been there myself), the building is under new management, and I haven’t heard if the mural’s been painted over or not.


Hi, Thanks for replying. I will add this to my list and pray I have time to go!


The guitar centre and the plaque are already on my list as definite must do’s. Will add the pizza place but may call them to double check the mural is there. Thanks so much!

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