Once Upon A Time [3]: Reloaded

Gatsie and Junior Brown were still sitting at the foot of the hill where they last landed. Junior Brown wanted to go to his dad, but Gatsie wasn’t up for it. She didn’t want to be confronted with Scotty. She just wanted to go and didn’t care where to.

That’s when they saw a speedboat drawing near on the water. Curious who was on there, they stood and watched it as the boat came closer and closer. There was a man sitting in the boat.And he somehow seemed awfully familiar.

Once the boat came to a standstill near the shore, that’s when Gatsie realized that the man on boat was none other than old Dr Hiro. Dumbfounded by his presence, Gatsie stared at the man for a moment.

“Hello my friends.” Dr Hiro said as he walked up to them.
“Dr Hiro? But, how?” Gatsie asked.
“Me and Aunt Funny have been looking for you guys for a long time. After a few failed attempts of trying to figure out an old locating spell, we could finally discover your whereabouts.” Dr Hiro said.
“So… The Time Train did not take us to another time frame? We’re still in the present time??” Gatsie asked confused.
“Uh… Well this is the present time.” Dr Hiro said and frowned, “I also have healing potions with me. I thought they could be of use for you.” he added.
“Great! We have a few wounded friends back in the house.” Junior Brown said.
“Then take me to the house.” Dr Hiro said.

And so the three went on their way to the house where all the others were.

Meanwhile back in the house, Mike was walking around in circles, clutching onto his coffee mug in the other room. He heard all sorts of strange noises coming from the operating room. Why Chester offered to help operating was beyond him and he could recognize his insane chicken song from where he was.

Just then, Junior Brown, Gatsie and Dr Hiro entered.

“Dr Hiro…?” asked Mike confused.
“Turns out we didn’t time travel to another time after all…” Junior Brown said.
“Now where are the wounded? I’ve got potions with me!” asked Dr Hiro.
“Well… Chester and Dr Brown are operating in the other room.” Mike said.
“Bring me to them.” Dr Hiro said.

Mike showed Dr Hiro into the operating room. And just in time. When Dr Hiro saw the condition @samuel_the_leader was in, he knew just what potions he had to mix that could help.

OT: @Gatsie Finally at last, I thought u & @amitrish & @The_early_walker all fainted from a long fainting spell or something. What was the

pic u posted while that image was being uploaded?

Ok back to the story, why did we have to use the time train instead of Hiro’s fast travel potion


Sorry, wasn’t up to until now. About the uploading thing; I actually don’t know why that happened, really lol

So Dr Hiro replied, “Since we used so much of the fast travel potion recently (in order to find y’all), I’m afraid we don’t have any fast travel potion left…”

“You mean to tell me the Time Train did not take us to another time?” asked Dr Brown dumbfounded.
“Yes dad.” said Junior Brown as he entered the operating room too.
“Son! You’re alright!” said Dr Brown relieved when he saw Junior Brown in the room.

Dr Brown ran to his son and hugged him tightly.

“But wait, what about my bionic arm?” asked @The_early_walker.
“I have potions to heal you.” said Dr Hiro.
“Unless you want a bionic arm instead.” said Dr Brown.

@The_early_walker thought for a moment. After all, the operation on @samuel_the_leader his foot had taken longer then expected and things could’ve turned out really bad, if it weren’t for Dr Hiro and his potions. But a bionic arm could be handy too. What was @The_early_walker to do?

In all the commotion, Scotty had stepped out of the operating room and entered the room where Mike, Phoenix, Joe, Brad and Rob were enjoying their coffee. He had hoped to find Gatsie there too. But she appeared not to be there.

“She’s out, man.” said Phoenix.

Scotty sighed and hung his head. He really wanted to speak with her. What was he to do?

slightly romantic music appears

Scotty has the feeling beeing expected to do sth, he looks around, his face was a clear signed questionmark,
the other guys lookin in each others eyes, laughing, than Dave stood up, in a fathers habbit he strucks his arm around the shoulder of Scotty, who looks really confused back, My son, he says with the deepest voice he can imitate, listen to me: YOU ARE IN LOVE; GO OUT AND GET HER, then you feel better, maybe you get a smack or she feels the same like you, buddie, I put my hand in fire without burning, she does! With this words he pushes Scotty towards the open door, be confident! were the last words he heard of the fatherrs´voice immitating Dave, and than, he saw her:

Oh my god, I was so blind, please forgive me he shouted while walking towards @gatsie

he feels it deeper and deeper, the fire burning in his heart for her, @Gatsie, I wanna", he comes no further, their lips are like magnetic, they meet and the burning fire of love, wisdom and freedom comes over them, like a floating oceans wave, they become one in this moment.

Wait, didn’t @The_early_walker already regained the use of her right arm thanks to the aliens? Maybe she just had some amnesia as a side-effect of the surgery.

So @samuel_the_leader woke up & wondered what on earth was going on?

“So we did not travel to the future?”@samuel_the_leader asked. “Cuz last night my father sent me a message saying that my Uncle Nigel (from the UK) is visiting soon. But then he mentioned that Nigel is NINETY years old now!!! What in the world is going on if we did not time travel? Cuz the last time I saw Nigel I swear Nigel wasn’t a day older than sixty!”

(OT: Yes I’m truly shocked [in real life] that my Uncle Nigel is really turning 90. How time flies! It must be true that I hadn’t seen him in decades :frowning: )

So it seemed to be, that the aliens had done sth wrong in their op, there must be an error in connecting nerval systems of two patien at the same time

the moment, @samuel_the_leader woke up, he felt very confused, so did the early walker. If they both had known, what had happened, they would be in deepest fear, but while knowing nothing of the op, they look at each other, still on the op-table bed

and felt a kind of new feeling, may call it sympathy as they are facing each other, the rumbling kind of anger each of both felt before the op was gone, they smiled like grinning monkeys and then laughing,
till their stomach hurts. The others first thought, that they battle right inside the operation room,

but as they listen with ear on door, they get it, it was laughing and the laughing gets over to everybody with a kind of feeling like,

But as we know, the dark side is always searching for destroying happiness…

So what about the time travelling issue? Doc Brown replies me, “Perhaps your Uncle Nigel is a time traveller as well.”

“So how are we getting out of here?” Doc Brown moaned. “I think I need to call for some help. Perhaps your Uncle Nigel can help.”

“What? My Uncle Nigel ain’t a time traveller?” @samuel_the_leader questioned Doc Brown.

“Well, he may, he may not be a time traveller, but he’s for sure still going strong at 90!” was the reply from Doc Brown.

Dr Hiro shook his head as he observed it all and said;
“Friends, all we need is transportation to get home. And I happen to have a speed boat with me. So I can take you guys, if you like.”
“You mean, we get to leave this place?” asked Chester.

Dr Brown was getting a little annoyed. He felt foolish for not figuring out on his own that they did not time travel. That all his Time Train did, was take them to another place on earth. Which meant that his precious Time Train was wrecked without being able to do what it was supposed to do.

“So if we did not time travel, then can you tell me where we are??” He asked frustrated.

“Well…” Dr Hiro started.

But just then they heard a loud noise coming from outside.

Meanwhile, Scotty and Gatsie were still on the other side of the island. Caught up in a romantic moment for two, tangled in a passionate kiss.

But then suddenly Gatsie remembered why she was angry with him in the first place. She broke the kiss and spoke in his ear.

“Why’d you leave me at the portal?” she asked.

Scotty’s heart dropped for a moment. He knew he had to reveal his secret to her. But would she accept it? Would she accept him, if she knew the truth? Scotty took her hands in his and kissed them. Then he leaned back and said.

“Show me what???” @Gatsie questioned Scotty. “What’s there to show me after all the betrayal you’ve done to me?”
(OT: Sorry @Gatsie this pic is the most unflattering representation of you. Cuz I realized that you were from Indonesia after all, so this is the closest representation of the other pictures about you)

Scotty feels his heart racing as he tries to find the words to say what he has to say. Maybe it was the anxiety, but his throat felt dry. And so he decided to drink some milk.

Gatsie was getting more and more annoyed, waiting for him to speak up.

“Ok. Close your eyes…” Scotty said.
“Why?” Gatsie asked.
“Just do it!” Scotty said.
“Fine.” Gatsie grumpily said and closed her eyes.

Then Scotty took a few steps back and pulled out the flute he had hidden in his pocket. He started playing an old song he learned in the world he came from. It made Gatsie frown because she did not know he could play the flute. She wanted to see him play it with her own eyes. That’s when she stood face to face with his true form for the first time.

Meanwhile back at the house…

Everyone was happy to hear from Dr Hiro that they did not travel to another time. The fact that @samuel_the_leader could have a phonecall with his 90 year old uncle was more proof that they must still be in the same world and same time frame.

Dr Hiro’s conclusion was that they simply stranded upon an unknown island and that they could go home whenever they liked. He even brought a speedboat with him and offered them all to go with the boat with him.

Dr Brown could not help but think that it was too much of a coincidence that Dr Hiro showed up like he did. Something wasn’t right. And, he could not find his dog anywhere.

“Junior, where’s the dog?” he asked.
“I thought he had run home with @samuel_the_leader” said Junior Brown.

When Doc Brown and his son looked over at @samuel_the_leader, he just raised his shoulders. He too did not know where their dog was.


@samuel_the_leader that’s very considerate of you. I’m a hybrid though, not pure Indonesian :slight_smile:
Congrats to your uncle turning 90 btw, that’s almost a century!]

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Meanwhile, amidst all the commotion that has being going on, we find that Lorenzo

had been watching a movie marathon all by himself.

Lulu was like,

“Lorenzo, oh please, how can you be in the mood to just sit here & chillax while you let the rest suffer???”

OT: I still can’t believe it; come to think about it, I’m sure all this while he never seemed to look his age. (Speaking about dial-up internet

, pager phones

& now a 90 year old uncle, am I revealing too much about my age? Cuz @The_early_walker is still supposed to guess my age.)

OT: 12? 14? 16? mb dirghty 66, maybe 33 but no kind of normal development whereever meant to be…nänänänöänänä 123, freddies on the door 456 he needs you to tic 789, then you will be mine 10, look that you ran, right of my way, trying to find a place to find relase trying to , omg doesn´t matter, isn´t worth, @gatsie, you sure know that the pics are only to tell the story, not needed to be influenced by the truth, no, I am sure it wasn´t supposed to be, omg I have to search the right Topic now, to to come over here with his s*** What was it called @TripleXero, Release your anger, just for fun, lurker…


“What was that?!” yelped Phoenix.
“Come, let’s go see!” said Doc Brown said.

Phoenix and Doc Brown rushed out of the house. Junior Brown followed after them. The others looked at each other with the same worried expression on their faces. That’s when they heard screaming from outside.

“Whatever it is, it’s not good.” said Dr. Hiro.
“You don’t happen to have any protection spells, or whatever?” asked Chester.
“I’ll make some potions. Give me a minute or two.” said Dr Hiro.

Dr Hiro took his potion bag and placed it on the table. He then searched for his spell book and some potions to mix for protection.

“We don’t have time for this. We must help Phoenix, Doc and Junior!” shouted Brad.
“But we don’t know what’s out there!” said @samuel_the_leader
“Only one way to find out.” said Chester.

Mike, Brad and Joe nodded in agreement and together they ran out of the house too. They could not believe their eyes when they saw what they saw outside. The only one left in the house now, were Dr. Hiro, @samuel_the_leader, @amitrish, Spongebob, @The_early_walker and Patrick Starfish.

Meanwhile, Gatsie could not believe her eyes either. She silently just sat there, staring at Scotty who had revealed himself as Mr Tumnus. She could not believe she had been making out with a goat-legged man and wasn’t sure what to think of it.


@samuel_the_leader I’m really bad at guessing the right age. I’m just assuming you must be over 20 at least.

@The_early_walker I’m not sure what you are trying to say here? Are you saying I shouldn’t post pictures in the story anymore? ]

with nothing else to do, and watching @gatsie in the last pic, amitrish…


[OT: @gatsie, I hope you don’t find this offensive.]

@gatsie no never, I want samuel to stop his attacks against my saga personallity,
that it isn´t important if there is a blond woman, an afro woman or a chinese one, when we make clear who it is, at least it´s just about whatt the face is meaning, for an aspect or a joke, but @samuel the leader for me imo he let it shown like I don´t imagine that you´re looking indonesia woman, sry, hybrid. Sry that I am so unpleasn´t this evening, but this action from samuel makes me mad, first was happy, meeting you´ll here together online and now I´m too angry to ge further, sry, guys, I´m off for today… good night and @gatsie :dizzy: :heart: :monkey_face: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :monkey:

Scotty aka Mr Tumnus was feeling quite uncomfortable when he realized @amitrish was also able to see his true form. And he even whistled at him! An awkward silence fell and it felt like it lasted forever.


@amitrish, It’s not my real picture, so whistle all you please. She’s an Indonesian actress and very pretty indeed :slight_smile:

@The_early_walker, I didn’t find it offensive at all of @samuel_the_leader that he choose a picture of an Indonesian person to portray my character, considering that I am indeed part Indonesian. I don’t think he intended to make you feel bad with posting it either.

It’s all fiction in this thread anyways and most of the pictures in here don’t look anything like our real appearances, right? Well, apart from LP characters of course :smile:

It’s all a misunderstanding, I think. Please don’t be mad :kissing_heart: ]

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Scotty Tumnus felt kinda uncomfortable, beeing seen as what he really is, when @gatsie comes over and as she stands beside him she embraces the neck of him, and kisses him the softest an most lovely way, she ever did a kiss to someone, to show him her lovely heart without explaining

at the same moment, Flipper jumps out of the ocean, and oh wonder, he was Daves brother,
c´mon, buddies, jump into Doc Hiros speedboat, I´ll show you the way to your world, he squizzles, as dolphins are doing, but everybody understands, while running to the boat, Rob asked Dave: never knew you had a brother? And such a special one?
We are too much, we must split the group, Doc Hiro mentioned