Once Upon A Time [3]: Reloaded

Narrator: But as we see in th op picture, it was a bonus op, so thanx to @amitrish to activate the aliens for the @The_early_walker.
The alien aspect of the op will not only bring her the power of her arm back, but implants a deep force inside of her, so that she get the force of

The only problem, that the early walker became after the extrateresstrical beeings, she now has a force, that must be learned to use, she got to make a descision,

(OT: Oh god I really hate what irl @The_early_walker made Doc Brown do to MY BRAIN in the story!!! I must have my revenge BWAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Ok so the Moonfalls main target initially was @The_early_walker, but seeing that my skull was already opened in Doc Brown’s operating room, so they diverted their attention towards me (They abducted Doc Brown who stood in their way in the operating room). So they reversed the atrophy done to my brain but then added additional amounts of horrible evil tormenting thoughts, among other devilish things.

Yes, Doc Brown, from what I know, you are actually a Villian!!!

The aliens are thrrowing Doc Brown out of the op room, “Poor @samuel_the_leader, must stay on the dark evil side so,” thinks the early walker while lying beside him on the op table, her new right bionic arm is touching from alone to get the hand of samuel,

to give him a last try to jump over on the good side, he pushes her arm away…
so, they´re both lying there,

the alien op is taking hour by hour, even mikes interest in coffee is gone, everybody was waiting, they didn´t understand what the hell is going on is this room, chester´s he first who can´t stand it anymore, he kicked against the door and then

and felt unconscious

(@The_early_walker it wasn’t my fault. I was unconscious the entire time, any apparent movement was the side effects of the aliens’ job on me. Even I also fear what the end result of the surgery by the aliens would be :fearful::fearful::fearful:)

(OT: how come I did not see ur post between yours and @amitrish’s just now?)

Gatsie was sitting on a hill. She had not slept and it was getting morning already.

Then Willow stood behind her, dragging the son of Doc Brown along. When she saw that it was not Mike waiting for her on the hill, Willow became furious. And so, she threw Junior Brown off the top of the hill.

“No!” Gatsie yelped.

Just then, Willow grabbed Gatsie and threw her down too. A loud splat sounded as the bodies of Junior Brown and Gatsie reached the rocks below. And Willow laughed hysterically.

“Now off to kill the others…” she said.

in this moment a shield of god was grabbing Gatsie who held still, with her last power the Junior Brown a music appeared

In gods hand, getting the newest news of god…in persona of LPMusik

Omg the alien operation took that long??? (One morning to the next) I wonder what was the end result of the surgery by the aliens’ :fearful:

Junior Brown also survived the fall onto the rocks. He looked back at @Gatsie, wondering how the both of them survived the rocks.

The next thing they knew, Willow Terra was looking at the both of them: :sweat:

and then from right side there comes a lightning with thunder and all that stuff,and we see willow terra gone, riding on the lightning
wow, @gatsies mouth stands open, unrealizable what she was going through the last five minutes
(ot sorry @gatsie, we couldn´t wait till hairdressers ready)

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Ok so this a broadcast by Willow about something kickass:

OT: gods sake I got noooooooooooooo facebook acc, in the story here we get off of her…o did shes still alive (in the story, OT at least she´d had enough space in our saga, lets come over her @amitrish, @amitrish @Gatsie, or???

[OT: @The_early_walker i couldn’t understand the last post. Sorry. Can you please explain it again?]

@amitrish, @The_early_walker gave excuses about not having a facebook account, among other excuses… *yawn*

And thus they both learned an important lesson:

ot thank you @amitrish you become the supervisor badge from me
Dear Mr. @amitrish,
I´m writing you today ´cause I´m having sm trouble

  1. I get missunderstood and a jawning other member here is even confused abb. my posts and is clearing up situations for me with a pejorative intent
  2. I´m off that Willow Terra thing, she became metall by lightning and thunder, she is away, wherever she goes now
  3. at least she´d had enough space in our saga, lets come over her
  4. What do ya think about it? @amitrish, @Gatsie and @samuel the lurker oh, excuse me, my fault, @samuel_the_leader

[OT: I just wanted to know about the facebook stuff. Now that I have noticed the link @samuel_the_leader had provided, it clears it up. Anyways, thanks for the explanation, and the badge :smile:]

(OT: the link was there all along; @The_early_walker thought she had to sign in to facebook in order to see what was in the link. Ok @amitrish can you help continue the story, starting with what happened in the operating after the aliens’ operation was completed.)

The investigative journalism team at various news channel picked up the news of operation, and flashed it in the news.

Oh yes, there is fear everywhere now.

[OT: I know the link was there, but I couldnt make the link.]

The Russians are the ones who are the most paranoid, cuz 'Murica keeps everything secretive from them…

OT: @amitrish I meant to continue the story from this medical operation, this alien surgery on @samuel_the_leader in the operating theatre (don’t expect me to write about what happened to myself in the story):

Narrator: unfortunally chester came in right in the very serious moment of the op, the part, they change the nerval systems of both of the patient
the aliens get interrupted

all right, the one green lil man from mars is saying, we´ve 30 seconds to go back…

But Chester is no surgeon, he doesn’t know how to reverse what the aliens have done - if it takes 16 hours for the aliens to operate on the patients and yet they still are not done, then it would take at least 16 hours to undo all the evil damage they have done.

After hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of doing surgical work (Fortunately Doc Brown is also helping otherwise it will take even longer), Chester is going insane… :

(lol he went cuckoo:laughing: )