Once Upon A Time [3]: Reloaded

Time for a third story game thread! If you have no idea what I’m on about, check out the previous story game threads here:

Story1: http://forums.lpunderground.com/t/once-upon-a-time
Story 2: http://forums.lpunderground.com/t/once-upon-another-time

Basic Role Playing Story Writing Rules / Guidelines :

1 Reply in at least 2 words.
2 Linkin Park characters cannot die
3 You may create a Role Playing Character. Which means you alone will control
this character. Never RP before? Read this: http://www.wikihow.com/Roleplay
4 Everyone gets to control 2 RPC’s max.
5 Killing off someone’s RPC may only happen when

A) The owner of the RPC is ok with this
B) The mayority of the other writers voted to kill the RPC

6 The moment you join the story with an RPC, whether it be in the beginning of the story or
after 300 posts: PLZ introduce your RPC.
7 Anything you want to discuss Out of Character or Off Topic, please put this between ( ) or [ ] and write OOT or OT in front. For example: [OT: I am out of toilet paper]
8 Be flexible and alert: We are writing a story together with several people so chances are the storyline might progress not exactly how you pictured it and there might be a lot of plot twists in the long run.
9 With each 100th post, the person responsible for that 100th post will throw a party.
10 You may also use pictures, meme’s, GIF’s or other fun perks that can be found to give the story some extra spice.
11 ANYONE may join in at any given time and it’s not a necessity to create an RPC, temporarily characters are fine too.
12 Have fun and be nice: It’s just a story game in the end :smile:

Alright, now that we have that cleared up; Let us begin with our 3rd story together.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. We had everything before us, we had nothing before us. We were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way. . . .

Modified/edited text quoted from A Tale of Two Cities

A man in a blue bear suit was watching how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night. Memories consume him like opening a wound. It made him wake in a sweat again.

“God bless us everyone” he muttered to himself.

Like shining oil, this night is dripping down He remembered how today, he and his friends stood on the wall.


… while waiting for the light that never comes, he saw the skies burning up, but the darkness hold him tightly until he screamed at the empty space, “Let the sun fade out, and another one rise!”

“Bubbles, bubbles I wish my name was bubbles.” a voice in the darkness sang.

Footsteps approached the man in the bear suit.

“Hey Mike, what kind of bacon you on?” the voice asked.

Mike frowned and turned his head to see who it was. Eventhough it was still a bit dark out, he could recognize the man standing a few steps away from him.

Of course, who on Earth would be coming for Mikey Mike at this time of night/day? Must be Chazzy Chaz mustn’t it?

“Chaz you there ain’t ya?” Mike replied.

(OT: Wow ur English is so literature u must’ve petrified @The_early_walker. I may not be able to keep up with y’all)

Who the hell is there? Mike shouted now, a little exhausted, and as he get aware of the person in the dark, he sees his ol aunt funny,

the one with the heart

on the right place, the one, who keeps him going while he thougt he cannot anymore. Aunt Funny, how nice to see ya there, I had a blackout, filling my eyes, I thought you where my good buddy chester, he was a true friend, once upon a time. Lil mikey, dont worry, eat your eggs
right now and you feel better, Aunt Funny replyes

(OOT) Thank for your thoughts @samuel_the_leader but I feel “strong enough”, but btw wtf means petrifying?

(OOT) @The_early_walker ¿¿¿Y U no comprendes ‘petrified’???

“Hey Aunt Funny, this ain’t funny!” Mike replied. “I ain’t no small kid you know.”

Oh wait Aunt Funny has dementia, Mike realized… :frowning:

But it was already too late. Aunt Funny not only suffered from dementia, she was also a sociopath. She declared:

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(OT that bumps, no comparisson with welcome, @samuel_the_leader I am now a KNOWER)
So the crazy but heartly aunt funny decided to make sth funny. Mike, she says and her eyes became swirls,

now that you´re grown up, I had to tell you about the past, the darkest point in the past of our family affaires, are you ready?

Aunt Funny began to play some eerie music.

“In what key should I play this song?” she asked.

Mike replied: “F Minor.”

(OT) @amitrish I can’t keep up writing nice long paragraphs with good storyline.

FORT MINOR???She shouted out loud: You´re guilty all the same! Theres no one else to blame
[Video] Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park, Fort Minor) - Ask Us Anything ETC Podcast: http://bit.ly/1QXBkoQ
So now grown up mikel, you like some eggs? The swirl returns into Aunts Funnies Eyes as she splatters the eggs into his face
(ot) sorry no pic…too buisy, stop me…

And thus Aunt Funny began the story of her husband, Mike’s uncle “J”.

[OT: @samuel_the_leader Paragraphs are not important. We wrote longer ones to get it started. Keep your spirits high 'cuz we are lazy too. We will go back to single sentence per post soon :smile:]

Aunt Funny took out her voodoo dolls:
Yes Mike be afraid. Very Afraid.

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Aunty Funny twisted the arms of the doll to its back. Mike’s own arms did the same. Then, aunty pulled the head of the doll back. Mike’s head got pulled back too.

“Aunty, stop it already!” Mike yelped, “Can’t you see that you’re smothering me? Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control?”

Aunty Funny smiled without answering his plee and from her purse she took out a bottle with a strange liquid in it. A liquid, darker than the blood. She pinches in the nose of the doll. Because of it, Mike begins to gasp for air.

“Bottoms up.” Aunty Funny says.

Streams of the blood like liquid gushed along his cheeks and down his bearded chin as Aunty Funny kept on pouring and pouring and pouring.

[OT: To be honest, me using Linkin Park lyrics was actually more an act of laziness from my part. It was easier to copy/paste than to type out entire sentences :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The lengthy paragraphs are merely a result over-enthusiasm I’m afraid. Please do not feel petrified because of it :slight_smile: Laziness will indeed take over soon enough :stuck_out_tongue: ]

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With the dark liquid flowing all over his face, Mike contemplated snatching the voodoo doll from Aunt Funny, but decided against it as the voodoo doll may rip.

(OT: @Gatsie u said LP characters cannot die, but at this rate with voodoo dolls it’s hard to stop the unthinkable from accidentally happening. [Voodoo dolls are very dangerous])

Seeing his friend in trouble, Chester (who had not met Mike since he and FEWA had last gone away to battle the aliens) jumped in to rescue.

[OT: @gatsie I thought the “reply in lyrics” was off the charts. Also, after reading your last post, I am like “Oh Yes! There will be Blood!” :skull:]