MY LPU 14 Tattoo

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@TripleXero not fighting a just expressing my opinion like everyone else is

@Chris_Styles The problem is that I said that this topic should be under a different already existing one (like other people mentioned early on) since it’s basically the same thing that’s being discussed (Linkin Park Tattoos) and you said it’s not cause these tattoos go with a story. A story which could be posted along with the photos in that other thread. Right?
Then @TripleXero posted the rules that say about similar topics etc and you switch it to who’s being friendly or not? I honestly don’t follow here.

Let’s just all stop commenting and leave it as it is (or start another topic if you like to discuss it there). We’ve killed this one already.

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** thread muted **

@EvoOba well it already been killed right hope it makes people happy and I can understand now why he dose not post in the forum often

Amazing Tattoos. Hope you have enough room for the next one and all they´ll follow :wink: and you share them with us. Inspires me for my own i´ll have someday.


Well done soldiers, it´s

IT´S IN ABEYANCE, the black Knight says to the other in the end, cause of there nothing matters anymore

I create a new Topic, calling:
OUR LPU Forums rules and regulations, do we have to chance sth?
think there we can discuss these stuff, I love for my side good argumentations, they mostly ending in my exp. with compromises, hope I´ll se yall there…

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@The_early_walker naahhh not doing any more posts the forum because I am always in the wrong because I don’t always agree with other people so to keep them happy I wont do any more forum post so as the song says in the end it dosent matter how hard you try…

@Gatsie I have a Grumpy Cat cuddly toy for moments just like this


@Susannchen I always find room for LP ink


Why was I paged -.-

[quote=“Gatsie, post:13, topic:11213”]
There’s always room for more Meme’s

For a moment I thought u still had a pager… lol

@Gatsie @samuel_the_leader buttfaces

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@intheend smelly cat, what are they feeding you?

but not @gatsie :confused:

It’s okay @The_early_walker, because I like my butt and my face :slight_smile:

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@gatsie I enjoy your ´take it easy´really much… :yum:

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thanx, I do so, nice lil pic, happy finding it this morning @gatsie :grinning: