Tag, you're it!

  1. Got a new dog
  2. I’m 5’11
  3. Favorite date is June 16


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  1. Got flu…holy dizziness -.-
  2. Sushi? Raw fish? No thanks, I don’t like it.
  3. I’m in love <3


1 I’m hungry
2 I’m wearing a cow onesie
3 I love my bunny

I tag you @The_early_walker

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  1. I love you @gatsie
  2. I love god
  3. I love **************************
    it´s you @Susannchen
  1. I´m at work
  2. I smoke too much
  3. I can´t wait for the new album (they are always good for a surprise)

next please @samuel_the_leader

  1. I’m still angry with @The_early_walker.
  2. I think I’m now one step closer to understanding the internet connectivity problems @the_termin8r1 & @EvoOba face.
  3. I feel that I’m being belittled by @The_early_walker (sorry can’t think of anything else for now)

I tag @amitrish cuz all other authors of the once upon a time series have participated

Finally!!! Thanks!

  1. I fall in love with every girl I see :wink:
  2. I like Windows Phones.
  3. I like horror & thriller movies.

@bell_LP time for you to reveal some secrets!


  1. I love games like this :wink:
  2. Doing homework…:astonished:
  3. Torn between being a mermaid or a vampire​:laughing::joy:

So tell us more…@the_termin8r1

At last. I have been summoned

  • I only let people know and see what I want them to, so most things you know about me are things that are irrelevant to me for the most part

  • I have a disturbed sense of humor

  • I have no social life


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  • I always think that people are talking behind my back and judging me for being different even if they don’t.

  • I don’t trust real life people easily. internet people (that eventually became real life friends) have proven to be way more true and loyal.

  • Became an atheist after a series of events in my life.

Not sure who to tag. Whoever’s active has been tagged already. Round 2 maybe, @Gatsie?

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1 I believe in God
2 I ate too much ice cream today
3 For over 15 years now, I still have to show ID when I purchase cigarettes or alcohol, apparently I look under-aged…

I tag @amitrish

[Sorry, forgot to tag someone earlier]

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Round 2?

  1. I didn’t do anything productive at work today, and still got paid.
  2. I often talk to myself when I am alone.
  3. Al I want is to do now is to travel the world with someone who has similar interests as mine.

shout out to @KristinaUK


in the absence of @kristinaUK, and for the sake of the game, @TripleXero you have been tagged.

  1. I just ate a bunch of junk that I bought with change I got from tips because I thought I got paid today and it’s tomorrow
  2. I’m playing Pokemon Y
  3. I really want a decent site like plug.dj to start up soon


· I have the inability to sweat
· I have an awesome cat
· I do not own a cell phone, or a tablet, or any kind of mobile device - and I’m just fine with that

@intheend, I choose you!

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Damn pokie people -.-

  • my dog is cooler than @lp13413’s cat
  • I am thinking about getting a shield gaming tablet
  • I’ve been 7 years old for a long, long time

Summons @BELL_LP

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1: I feel dark right now

2: I should probably be doing homework but don’t give a damn

3: I had Thai food 4 dinner

@EvoOba Ur up next!

  • I’m dead tired and about to go to bed even though it’s still pretty early
  • I’m going to an event called Walk For Freedom tomorrow. It is about raising awareness against human trafficking.
  • I played guitar today after a long time, broke 2 strings and one of my guitars went completely out of tune. Now I dread doing all the needed work (but I know I have to, so I probably will sometime this weekend).

I tag @the_termin8r1

Lol sorry, realised I hadn’t and edited the post.

  • I’m always hot

  • I usually leave homework until the last day

  • I have a very short attention span when it comes to reading any sort of text (I literally can’t even read 2 paragraphs without zoning out).