Tag, you're it!

Lol sorry, realised I hadn’t and edited the post.

  • I’m always hot

  • I usually leave homework until the last day

  • I have a very short attention span when it comes to reading any sort of text (I literally can’t even read 2 paragraphs without zoning out).


1 I’m about to eat another round of Dutch Bitterballen.
2 Just re-watched X-Men First Class & Days Of Future Past and man I just love James McAvoy.
3 I haven’t been outside all day and I don’t care.


[ot round two, so we become more intimate maybe, but we wait till round 6…]

  1. I love to see the action here @ the forum growing and growing
  2. still like to start a campaign, that they (staff, band, worldpress, or headquarter, whom ever) to give us a chat-music opp for LP XV
  3. didn´t mentioned that this place here will replace my everyday newspaper I normaly read with my coffee so easy, I enjoy us all together, that my days starting with ya is giving me power


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  1. Craving for ice cream
  2. Doing laundry just not my thing lol
  3. Happy birthday @lp13413

Your turn Andy @lp13413 :slight_smile:

· I accidentally hurt myself last week at work
· I have a rubber band ball I started myself roughly 15 years ago and I keep adding to it
· I’ve never seen a Star Wars or Star Trek film

oh, and thanks Pur :smile:

You’re up, @samuel_the_leader

  1. Back in school I was always bad at the game of tag.

  2. My friends/colleagues/acquaintances always seem to sabotage me.

  3. I can’t keep up with the influx of replies and notifications in the forum.

@acemasters you haven’t got tagged yet…

  1. It was my birthday on Friday
  2. I still like Dragon Ball Z
  3. I still like Pokemon (yeh and what lol)

Tag @intheend you’re it again mwahahahahaha

(Pulls out blow torch) >:3


  1. When I was younger, I didn’t have much toys so I would draw figures on paper and then cut them out and play with them. They were call paper people
  2. I’ve been writing stories since the 5th, so age 7. (As of now, I have two series that will combine and those characters came from my paper people days.)
  3. When I do become a successful writer, I will use the money to benefit my bunny army, so we can take of the world quicker.

I’m going to take the risk here and tag someone. If this person doesn’t reply in the next 72 hours and I’ll change it. I tag @myyr

Are you sure that was myyr’s name on LPU? That account has no picture and no posts

there is one myyr in the lpu.

Doesn’t mean she’s an active member, though, let alone on the message boards.

Silence chicken butts @TripleXero @lp13413, I already told her, I sent her a screen shot of it and gave her the link. But I know she’s not going to come. I’ll change it tomorrow…does anyone know if numb, fudge, or brybry is around?

That’s a bit of a stretch

I’ve no idea who these ppl are

@samuel_the_leader old lpu vs the new

@lp13413 dammit…

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Old LPU = prior to LPUX. Back when lpunderground.com was hosted by Sparkart.


I can ask Bryan and Yaseen, but I don’t have Aki on Facebook

Get the fudgie and brybry, we will need them to join us in battle. I’ll spam Floflo until she breaks.

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