Can you touch your shoulders?

Coffee with milk!

When was the last time you did something really crazy?

A: I let a fart out as loud as it comes but nobody listtening, but I went on and they are starting to arguee who has made it lol
Q Master or Servant

ot @gatsie hope you got your challange made - for me it wasn´t readble

How so? …

ot sry @evooba, be lil more descriptive Would like to get an answer wether the soldier who takes the qu ist more devoted or more dominant… :sunglasses:

There’s slang that normal people use like ‘gonna’ or ‘bro’ and then there’s the slang of the uneducated moron like ‘blad’. Rough translation: man. In context: “Don’t do that blad” / “Don’t do that man.” @Gatsie seems to be going the whole 9 yards lol

A: Master

Q: Do you procrastinate?

A: I’m supposed to be a leiter, but I always feel like I’m been subdued:

This will be yet another ruse to find fault with people, cuz once the challenge is over, when people look back at the post written, they would think that this person really insulted them:

No wonder I always feel this way:

A: I procrastinated with writing my answer, so u posted before I was finished.

Q: How hypocrite are your acquaintances/colleagues?

A: Surprisingly they’re not.

Q: Can you write in a straight line in pieces of paper without lines?

Yo DiShere IZZ Da UltIM8 FoRm o’’ $lang, Mah MO’Fukin HomiEEe. WhayY Jus REsortt Ta L33t, ABBrivashunSSS AN’’’ what-NoT Wennnnn chU CAYn Do ITT aas cOMPlete AaS ThiS?

A: NahHh

Q: yoYo $halL Ah TyPe Diggg DIss fAwRR Daa restt O’ Dis yeAr? ·:*:·£øvÊ

Q: what are you doing right now?

A: YOYo AHH BE Doinn $uMMMM AdminIstRAshuN Fawr Church. mAkIN flyuhS FawR 2 DiFfeRntt ChRiSTMas EveNts AN’’ PRepaRiN MaHHH OWn $ETlisttttt FAwr $UNDaayYY 2 $In DurIn da $Ervice Wit Da ChUrch. An’, Ah Hvvv hybrID THeorEe BlAsTin awn Da BackgRoundd Fawr $uPpORT.

q:: $oo Wuttt Izzz U DoiN RIgh’ Now?

Ehrlich? Either that, or they hid their hypocrisy from u wirklich well.

A: Quoi? ¿Mi no comprendes? LoL somehow je suis doing la @amitrish du langue foreign challenge. Ok ok ok, sí sí sí, ich bin stoppten hier.

OT do ya post the pl for church anywhere?
A1 eaten with my daughter

sth like this on the pic
A2 no question
Q: would you like to be lazy for the rest of the day or would you easily make some workout

A: AH’M lazAyyy

Q: fAVOrItEEE OUtFIt O’’ da MOmEnt?


Datt LookSSS TasteE! InsPireS ME Ta Goe Taa DA Kitchen FO’ $um GruB.

aH TrI mAk Uhhh plAylIsT awN YOuTubE EVrEe Week Fo’ Daaaa bANDDD Ta PRaCtIce Wif. IF Chu’re INTeresTed, HuRr’$$$ WUt We’ss Wil $Inn DiSHerE $UndaaYY::

@samuel_the_leader Yeap, honestly. But maybe they do hide it, can’t tell.

Leaving the q for someone else…

A: None, fashion is irrelevant

Q: Who’s going to get the 2000th post?

A: yO MAH A$$

Q: GoTss Chu eVuHHH LicKEDD Uh lamppOst Ynnnn Winter??? *** …DONt FukKINN LaBeL ME…*

A: No I haven’t, though my tongue stuck to a spoon once.

Q1: How many different user names for various sites do you have that are not the same as your forum name here? E.g. I go by ‘malox5’ on PSN (no, I have no clue what it means or what was going through my head when I was 8), I got by the ‘guy with no name’ on Disqus and ‘the-termin8r’ elsewhere.

Q2: @Gatsie are you the sort of person that’d put a 9v battery on their tongue?

A @amitrish look the last 00 posts, it was always Mr. Mysterious…my hint for at least the 2000!
Q: is there anyone who is awaiting a challange?

A: I always went by EvoOba everywhere. Haven’t changed usernames and I don’t plan on it. (I have a 2nd, secret and private, Twitter account though under a different name).

Q: Worst part of today?

A: That’s dependent on each day

Q: Do you swing on your chair?