For people that need or are willing to give up their presale codes

If you need a code write your request in the comments. If you have a code you will not use, please, reply to somebody that are looking for one and figure out a way to contact each other. Let’s help each other!


Thanks for making this thread! If anyone has a spare presale code I would appreciate it so much. Finally want to take my dad to a Linkin Park show. I even have a LP tattoo! Much love – Connor

Have to include myself if anyone has group 1 I would greatly appreciate it

Hi guys! I had tickets to see LP in October before it was cancelled, though missed out on the presale. Would love to get a presale code for tomorrow to make up for it.

Thank you!

San Francisco guy going, needs pre-sale code. Has place right next to Hollywood Bowl if anyone needs a place to crash. I have a car that holds 4 if anyone needs a ride from Burbank Airport to the Hollywood Bowl day of the event. Leaving airport at 3pm and going straight to Hollywood Bowl.

Linkin Park was the soundtrack to my life and Chester Bennington was the voice in my head. Whenever I needed to escape I found comfort in his voice and motivation in his lyrics.
It’s heartbreaking to write this as he had a lot of people who adorned him. He was the one guy in the band who would put on a smile on his face and would go the extra mile for the fans.
I was going to see Linkin Park next month. The tickets will be refunded but I already sent the money to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s Network in honor of Chester Bennington.
I’m sorry you had so much pain but I hope your life inspires others to seek help.
RIP Chester


If anyone has a code that they could pass to me I’d be forever grateful!?

I’m a Lpu member but my email associated to this account has been closed so I haven’t received my code :frowning:

I’ll be traveling from London UK and badly want to go. If anyone can help me out?

Send me a pm if there is anyone out there :slight_smile:
Or email

Thanks in advance!

Oh wow yes please if you could!?
I’m so desperate and so annoyed at myself!

If you could email it to or I can pm you with other means of contact if preferred?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’ll email your hotmail account. It’s my pleasure to help out. I’m so upset I can’t be there and really hoping they stream it so I can partake in the festivities too. It’s going to be an unforgettable night without a doubt. Rock on! :metal: #MakeChesterProud :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hi guys I will really appreciate it if someone is willing to share a code they won’t use. I Purchased tickets for the concert in Dallas thinking finally had a chance to meet them… :frowning:

The email is, Many thanks in advance!

I’m desperate here guys. I’ll do wherever it takes to go to this show. If anyone has a code they’re willing To share I’d be eternally grateful and would love to make it up you in some way. Mail you a gift perhaps? You name it.

I would love the code!! Can you help me out as well?

Please and thank you!

I’ll send you a shirt if I get in :slight_smile:

If anyone has one ive just renewed my passport and will be flying in from the uk i have to be there. my email is

I do need a code, but more specifically I want to ask any other group 1 #verifiedfans… have you guys received the presale code yet???

Hi guys!

I’m from Costa Rica, I never seen a Linkin Park show, and really want to go to the concert.

Can you please share a code you won’t use i just need one ticket, i need to buy flight tickets to go there i really appreciate the help! Email me at

Hi Guys! I’m from Costa Rica, and I never seen a Linkin Park show. I really want to go to the concert. can you please share a code. I’ll be forever gratefull, I’ll fly over there just for the show. Please help out a fan say goodbye to his idol. Email me at

More specifically I just need confirmation group 1 presale codes were sent already by ticketmaster…

Yes? No? … anyone?

Hi there do you still have the code?

I’m from Costa Rica and don’t want to miss this show. Thanks in advance! Email me to

Thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate that!
Fingers crossed I can get some tickets! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you in return x

yes, code sent