For people that need or are willing to give up their presale codes

email from ticketmaster and everything?

around what time did they send it?

someone not using their code?! Please email me thanks!

received last night around 9 pm

Yes they were sent last night here about 13 hours aho

Check your spam folders
I’ve had times when their emails get sent there

and this isnt the LPU code… because I got that email around 8.

but Im waiting on the verifiedfan presale code from ticketmaster…

im on hold right now with ticketmaster :frowning:

Anyone with a code please help me out :heart:️:heart:️ I’m from Chicago and just trying to get 1 ticket

I provided it to someone. Sorry bout that. Good luck. Hope you get to the show!!

I’m a legacy member but forgot about the verified fan thing. Did you get the code for the verfied fan or being a LPU member? If you have an extra code, please let me know.

Does anyone have a code they’re not using?? Please email me at

Thanks guys!

The code isn’t working :frowning:

Remember when they played a show and screened it at the cinema? I wish that would happen!

My code never arrived, but I realized my plan didn’t auto-renew like it was supposed to, or I just didn’t get the email.

Please I just need 2 tickets. I will do anything!!

Oh gosh I hate to do this - I have been a LP fan for 16 years but have never had the opportunity to see Chester live and it’s heartbreaking. I’m going to be travelling from the UK, and have every intention of trying for tickets on Friday, but if anyone does have a pre sale code that they aren’t using, I would really appreciate it. My email is Thank you.

ticketmaster told me to wait while they send codes… that their system had stalled and missed some people… the presale is live and I dont know if I will be able to get tickets :frowning:

do you still have the group 2 code available? I’d appreciate it.

The code probably works for the 12pm presale. There were 2 types… one for LPU and the other through Ticketmaster. Try your code again at 12

What time is it now in LA? Lol
I’m jumping the gun here haha

10:16 am… presale is live for group 1 verified fans

please contact me if anyone has a code. thanks so much