LPU PreSale Code

Hey everyone! My name is David. I’m coming to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia on October 20 for this event. I’ve already told work, they’ve given me the green light. I’ve also bought my plane ticket but I really need a PreSale Code. Please, if anyone isn’t going and has one - I would be so grateful. Thanks so much, my email is davemiller.lp@gmail.com

Please follow other threads where people are attempting to share codes
Thank you and best of luck

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Thanks for letting me know.
Do you know of any codes going?
I just called the Hollywood Bowl and they said they had tickets for $1500!!

I have no clue but that’s crazy

As far as codes I have not heard of any others but I’ll let you know
There’s one thread where people have been going in with unused codes so check there

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Can you please email me the link to that thread?
Thank you so, so fucking much.

Chick the link
Someone just gave one not 15mins ago
Be patient and thorough and you’ll be fine

Thank you.
Thank you, so much.

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