PRE-SALE (Help a member if you cannot make it)

Looking for pre sale code that someone might not use, thank you!

Are they sold out??? please please!!

I didn’t receive a code, so I requested one. Was told my account wasn’t valid!
Now I’m stuck trying to depend on the charity of others, so if anyone has a code they’re willing to share with a fellow fan, please, please, please email me at

@jFar920 meege

If anyone would give me their code not using, please email me at I’m having a really hard time letting go, I’ve been so depressed since and really need to be there as closure. I would be willing to crochet you a Chester doll (check my Instagram ageofaquarius77) for the code.

Please help me with a code. You know this would mean the world to me

Hey guys if anyone has a presale code I would be forever grateful. Will be taking the missus if I can get some tickets. Grew up listening to linkin park and never got a chance to see a concert. Please help a brother out ! Email me @

Please if somebody has a code they don’t mind sharing my email is

Its great to help others with the code. For more updates and helping please make posts on this thread.

Thank you for the cooperation!

@jFar920 … if we can merge… thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please help with a code!! I was a OML ticketholder, but never received a presale code :frowning: you can email me at Thank you so much in advance. Even willing to pay for a working code xoxo

Hi, do you know whether your code was used? If not, I will gladly take them off your hands… thank you!

Yup, @allisonrose8 used it already. She emailed me.

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Desperate for a code if anyone is willing to help. I was a OML ticket holder for Chicago before his passing but that does not qualify me for a presale code. is my gmail and I am willing to pay for a code

Also really desperate for a code. I never got the pleasure of attending an LP concert and now that I can finally afford it, it’s under these conditions.

I donated a fair amount to the OML fund but still haven’t gotten my code. We have an LPU member since March in the house and he hasn’t received a code either.

If anyone would be so kind as to share a code to montgomer_weston@yahoo, I would be extremely grateful and, should I get my code, would immediately share it back here.

Thank you in advance, and I hope to see you all in LA.

Much appreicated! I was able to get my tickets.

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If anyone wants to give up their code. Please email
Thank you

Sorry i don’t have any. But you can get some people from this thread who are willing to donate codes.

Thank you for the cooperation. I hope you get the code.

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