PRE-SALE (Help a member if you cannot make it)

I really need this code for my daughter. She has been distraught ever since Chester passed. I thought someone was sending me a code but I just realized they were responding to someone else. Is there anyone out there who cannot use their code that would allow me to do this for my daughter? I will gladly send you a pice of memorabilia/ merchandise from the event if you could be so kind. I am praying I could get a code by the sale time. You can text/ email me if anything 843’609’9396 or
Thank you to anyone and everyone who may be able to help!

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I won’t be using my code, as I had agreed to attend to an event on the 30th.

Even if I want, l couldn’t use it. I don’t know if I can give it to you. In the mail said something about is personal and can’t be transferable.

Hi guys, I’m genuinely trying to get to Hollywood from the UK for this show. I cannot seem to find ticket prices anywhere. Anybody seen how much tickets will be?

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I have absolutely no idea, but I am more than ready to spend 700 without the trip to CA from WA

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Yup, he’s right:


Seems like actual tickets have to be with Id but the presale code is just to get into Ticketmaster website and access the tickets.

If anyone has a code that they could pass to me I’d be forever grateful!?

I’m a Lpu member but my email associated to this account has been closed so I haven’t received my code :frowning:

I’ll be traveling from London UK and badly want to go. If anyone can help me out?

Send me a pm if there is anyone out there :slight_smile:
Or email

Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about the verified thing or the one that they were going to send all members? I missed the verified fan thing but was hoping the member one would come before 12 but if you got the member one that kinda squashes my hope.

someone not using their code?! Please email me thanks!!!

Do you still have your code avaible?

I donated to the One More Light fund through MusicForRelief a few weeks ago. Does anyone know how I’m supposed to get access to that section of the presale? I haven’t received any code. I’d really love to make it to the show.

Hi guys! I’m from Costa Rica and never seen a Linkin Park show, I love the band and would love to have a Pre Sale code to buy the tickets. Please help me out to say goodbye to one of my idols!.

did you get a code?

Once you buy the tickets , the tickets are non transferrable

Yup I still have it, haven’t emailed anyone yet.

I see your email in the other thread. I’ll email you asap.

That means the presale code can be used by someone else if unused.

Please anyone that can help me get to the show by sharing the code. I’m just trying to get one ticket for myslef I would really appreciate anyone’s help :heart:

If anyone has a code they’re not using please send it to me. I’m trying to get a ticket.

Please. I just need 2 tickets

i am an LPU member and i usually do get their emails, but i haven’t received any email with the code yet. Ill be travelling from Toronto ( and REALLY want to). Does anyone know why I haven’t received the email yet?

Please if you are not using it!!!