Where is everyone in the pre-sale line?

I kind of wish instead of buying a stupid amount of albums it could go to charity kind of like Metallica did with crowdwise for snake pit and meet and greet


My number just went down by 1 again (in the last 15 minutes), so I’m guessing the codes probably got pushed back due to them still sorting through the entries. Whether or not they are sorting correctly, I’m not sure, that’s just my guess

JUST GOT AN EMAIL!! They are starting to go out!!

Got my email, too. Here’s what it says for anyone who wants to see

I got my email too!

How bout we help out a fellow LPU-er?!
Contact Strobe at hello@strobelabs.com and make them reconsider @gcsorich’s position. I know if it was me id hope people helped me out with a simple email. Getting bumped from a meet and greet like that would suck. If she’s got her proof then help her get her chance and show just why Linkin Park fans are the best out there.

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These times are on the Chicago pre-sale page, but I would assume they generally are similar to the other U.S. shows. I’m going to guess “VIP” is LPU, and if that’s correct, it appears everyone, including LPU users, who used the Verified Fan program will get access at the same time (in accordance with your place in the results, at least) and LPU members who didn’t participate will get access early the next day.

This isn’t confirmed, but it’s just what it appears to say

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a text. I did text instead of email for Lake Tahoe.

I’m for Tahoe too but I chose email and it has come through already
Not sure about anyone having gone through text

I just now got the text with all the info.

Thank you @framos1792

I really appreciate the help! I’m very upset with this situation, that was my very first time trying a contest, and is so disappointing how messed this was :frowning:

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So, for people wondering whether the “grouping” didn’t exist, things worked out as they said initially. Depending on where you placed, youll get about an hour head start in comparison to the group ahead of you. A couple friends I referred just told me they got later times. Personally go at 10am, someone in group three going at 12 and someone in 4 going at 1pm.
Figure its the same for all venues.

Officially have 23 in Fresno, California.

Does anyone have any idea what the group cutoffs are out of curiosity? Or if that varies between venues.

Has anyone tried the link given in the email? I clicked and it got redirrected to ticket-centre.com, a resale ticket website. Is it just me??

it will direct you to your seller. Most are showing up on ticketmaster. Maybe email them to confirm but it might just be the way they went for your venue.

HOLY GOD i just got bumped up from #4 to #2!!! I got the email and everything. I can’t believe I actually get to meet them after I was so sure I lost :sob:


WHOA! congratulations! :grinning:
I got to 5 for the merch too :grin:
I’m glad the shifting worked out in some of the spots at least :slight_smile:

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Was it more than my 17? (1 everything and 1 CD+Vinyl bundle, 15 regulars lol)

And shit man, so I probably won San Diego after all, if I would’ve stayed. It was probably a computer bot making fake accounts, getting fake referrals. Goddamnit…

To think my potential 30 minute drive now just became an 11 hour drive and overnight stay.

@mikenissan So how many referrals did you lose?